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Rajan Iyer
Rajan Iyer
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June 18, 2010
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Sept. 15
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Bridge Player

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Diamond Life Master
Rajan Iyer L567362 and Varghese George J026399
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Rajan Iyer L567362 and Ram Baskaran
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In the Well: Russ Jones
Congratulations Russ, and thank you for your time. Is there any plan to revise the current convention card? If so, when will it happen? I prefer to be called as full disclosure system card. With all the current technology, it should be easier to make a better version of full ...
Board 8 from the 01/28/2019 Common Game
Declarers who go after clubs first will go down in 3NT. Declarers who attempt to score a diamond trick before going after the clubs will make 3NT if South ducks their Ace and they score their King and go after clubs. If South rises with the Ace, declarer doesn't ...
Bot Programming Perhaps Last Time Is it not 2 forcing? Robot passes.
Bot Programming Perhaps Last Time What is the reason for underleading twice by Robot?
Future NABC sites?
Hold the tournaments in all three (or may be 4) places in the same time each year. use internet to combine all results. 6 NABC Tournaments per year in 6 different places ( 4 same city, 2 variable cities). Resulting more attendance from all zones.
corrected now.
ACBL live masterpoint winners in NABC 2018 Fall Results leader is 248.40. is it true?
11, 12 or 13 tricks?
I see 12 tricks after winning 9 at trick1. I was avoiding second finesse of k Later. 9, Ruff, A, Q, ruff, K, A, run 4 tricks, T and lose last trick. Just avoiding east tricking me at trick1 holding ...
11, 12 or 13 tricks?
No finesse of Q. I Will play A and make 12 tricks. Still Good board. If Q finesse loses to K (Like Robots; Robots usually never leads from K) and contract may be lost to another 4 tricks. Happy to make 12 tricks.
Board 28 from the 07/20/2018 Common Game
What is east bid in second round after? Pass Pass 1 Pass 1 Pass ?

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