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Rajan Iyer
Rajan Iyer
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June 18, 2010
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2 hours ago
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Diamond Life Master
Rajan Iyer L567362 and Varghese George J026399
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Rajan Iyer L567362 and Ram Baskaran
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Official Version of New Convention Charts
oh! I understand now. Thanks. Was confused with the Rule of 24 as Losing trick count. Rule of 17 and 19 was referring other things when looking other website.
Official Version of New Convention Charts
Definitions: “Near Average Strength”: A hand that has at least 8 HCP or meets the “Rule of 17”. “Average Strength”: A hand that has at least 10 HCP or meets the “Rule of 19”. “Strong”: A hand that contains: at least 15 HCP; or at least 14 HCP and meets ...
ACBL convention chart - the 5 point notrump rule
Basic+ chart Overcalls and Competitive Bids: 7. An artificial NT overcall at any level for 3-suited takeout. A 1NT bid in this category must show at least Near-Average Strength. Can someone explain what is near average strength? Is it same as below? 1NT Overcall for Takeout convention Does it meet ...
Official Version of New Convention Charts
Suggestion To ACBL: ACBL to create a Blank form to fill On-line and submitting the form for approval. Status Actions may be created Draft Submittal Under Review Approval So it is available to everyone to view.
Official Version of New Convention Charts
Is self alert acceptable like on-line games? should be... since it is already in the agreement. Why alert is required when it is on the convention card? If necessary, opponents can always ask a question. Will there be any revisions to alert system? Is there any plan to revise convention ...
Bidding Box Balk
2NT (minimum hand, balanced) is another alternative instead of 3. or 2 and partner corrects to 2NT is another alternatives.
Rajan Iyer's bidding problem: KJ93 Q AK7 AK763
5 is 4 or more support
Automating Access To BBO MyHands
You can download last three months. Double dummy solver download and install from
Alerting a Stolen Bid
What happens when it is not discussed with partner? What should NT bidder say? Transfer may be
Board 12 from the 08/16/2017 Common Game
How to bid this hand?

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