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March 15, 2017
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You've seen this trump suit before
I think it also depends on your opponents opening style. Is xx, A8xxx,xxx, AKx OK vul first seat? If not, then likely spade Q also with west. West does not really expect entry to partner's hand to signal in club (playing AK instead of KA) - it will only ...
Sequel - Plan the bidding - Now plan the play
Yes, it is from China - last round of round robin. Fortunately (as it turned out), I misplayed the hand a bit. Ducked the first round and when east continued with spade 3, played 9 instead of winning with Ace. I was hoping that if spade is continued, east could be ...
Play in 6NT
Win king in hand. Ace and diamond 8, playing low from dummy if west follows low. If diamonds don't behave, hope RHO has 4 or more clubs along with heart Q.
What's going on?
To me looks like 4H and a long minor giving choice of contract if south has a spade stopper and no 4H.
What is your bidding plan
Follow up question. If it goes RDBL P P 1S and you double. What is partner expected to do with a) 1S spade but no second 5 card suit or 6 card rebid. Keep in mind that had RHO bid 2C, we would expect partner to stand the double with ...
In Your Opponent's Shoes
"A club shift can be ruled out. That would be a major disaster if declarer has AJ9x of clubs and partner has queen-doubleton. Either red suit figures to be safer." I am not sure whether this is correct. Given that partner has led from Axxx, it looks very likely that ...
To raise or not? To make or not?
Yes, this will work too :-)
Improve my Guess
Kit, east has only 3 hearts. So the heart king will show up anyway either on the first ruff or the second ruff.
Improve my Guess
Ace has another advantage. If west fails to ditch J and follows with it on next round, now you can duck.
A defensive problem
I guess it comes down to what your partner has taken your opening lead to be and the action he will take on that basis 1. Neutral passive lead. Will encourage with king otherwise discourage. 4 looks small enough to encourage and is consistent with declarer hiding the 3 when ...
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