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Ralph F. Lind
Ralph F. Lind
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March 22, 2013
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2 minutes ago
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about me


Fate dealt Ralph F. Lind a strong bridge game, but Chance left little time to play.


He wrote a 5542 bidding System (called Aurora) that swings to advantage against 2/1.  It is documented.  He is looking for a New England expert with an inclination and the ability to play it. 


If you have interest, PM him.


Retired.  He lives in the Bay State.


United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
When his partner jumped for joy one spring evening after a session of bridge at the 2011 Victoria Regional
Favorite Conventions
Flannery (relay), Gazilli, Heeman, Klinger 2NT (conventions are Aurora variant)
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ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
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Without considering the auction it looks like when partner has 3 s, finding him/her with at least one honor is a 5 to 2 favorite.  And if partner has 4 s (as in this case), finding him/her with a honor is a 6 to 1 favorite ...
Richard Granville's bidding problem: J64 4 AJ42 Q7432
Yes, the smaller half of the reason. As long as you bid 3 in tempo, the opponents may compete to 3. They know that -100 beats -110. The Law may force West to bid.
Richard Granville's bidding problem: J64 4 AJ42 Q7432
+110 beats +100
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A 3rd seat gamble with 2 likelihood of cashing = a bad gamble. Rather KQJ92 with "Sorry pard!, I had a spade mixed in my clubs" as your fallback. KQJ92 needs A1043 over to suffer.
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I see... an either/or. Either it runs or Lavinthal.
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Defend this hand
Oops! I'm gonna make the same mistake. You just played the 5 from AK5432
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The Kibs Are Not Alright
Yes I watch the Oscars when I can. The fact that the winners have been determined days before does not make it any the less exciting for me. But by far the very most exciting thing I've ever seen at the Oscars was a few years ago when La ...
The Kibs Are Not Alright
NYSE real-time stock quotes versus 30 minute delayed stock quotes. Jackson : not a very good analogy I know, but had to duck an asteroid. Also It used to be that Real-time quotes were expensive and 30 minute delayed quotes were free.

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