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Ralph F. Lind
Ralph F. Lind
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March 22, 2013
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about me

In 2017, Ralph F. Lind moved to the Bay State to be close by his family.


Fate dealt him a very solid bridge game.


He wrote a 5 card major bidding System that swings well versus 2/1.  It's documented and fun to play, and has won Flight A events on both the Sectional and Regional level. The System is called Aurora


He is looking for someone interested in playing it.  There is a learning curve.  "Best" partnership fit is a very good player who likes to play on BBO.


Retired now, with time for bridge.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
When his partner jumped for joy one spring evening after a session of bridge at the 2011 Victoria Regional
Regular Bridge Partners
have yet to meet someone suitable ...
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Joshua Donn's bidding problem: Q9x Axx Axx KQJx
South bidding 3 at his second turn is premature. And bidding 3 "not necessarily to make" means you are willing to "let them off the hook" when the cards lie poorly for them and they are destined to go for 10 IMPs or so. If their side suit ...
Early Decision
If South held Q9542 A10 AQ98 K4 -- or -- Q9542 A10x AQ98 4 would he have bid 4 instead of 4 ?
What is the Best line in 6NT?
Win the opening lead with the K. Cash the top 3 clubs. Assume East shows out on the 3rd club discarding a . So West has 8 vacant spaces and East has 9 vacant spaces. The relative likelihood of the Ace being "right" (= with East) is .53 (9/17) and ...
What is you plan?
Your declarer play is fine. I formed that opinion 10 years ago when your pard was late arriving at the Penticton Regional and I filled in and played the first 6 or 7 hands of the pairs for you. The way I remember, you play 4 suit transfers over opener ...
What is the Best line in 6NT?
Win the opening lead with the K. Cash the top 3 clubs. 35.5% you make it right here! Discard the 4 when s don't split. Now play to pick up 2 tricks. The Ace must be in the hand now empty of s. The J must be ...
Paul D East's bidding problem: J97 KJ9 AT65 J75
I chose 4 because South did not bid 2 over 2.
ATB missed 24 HCP slam
System hole, No Blame. Partnership just needs to discuss order-of-precedence when showing control so this won't recur. 1-1 3-3 4-4 5 .....
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: Q9x Axx Axx KQJx
Pass wouldn't occur to me. Close between double and double.
Follower/Following List
Followers list (my bug only?). Other people cannot follow my profile. I got a notice in Recent Activity that "Donald Lurie is now following you". But his name was never added to the followers list of my profile. This event happened twice this month. It is as if he tried ...
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: AJT43 J953 AT T8
Responsive 6+ HCP x-5-5-x The East hand couldn't be much better for my System. The 3 jump is an invite. My bid is 3, not 4.

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