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Ralph F. Lind
Ralph F. Lind
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March 22, 2013
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7 hours ago
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Fate dealt Ralph F. Lind a strong bridge game, but little time to play.  Till now.


He wrote a 5 card major bidding System (called Aurora) that swings well versus 2/1.  It is fully documented, fun to play, and has won some open events on both the Sectional and Regional level.  He is looking for a New England expert (who wants better results) to learn it with. 


If you have a question, PM him.


In 2017, he moved to the Bay State to be close to his family.


Retired, he has the time to play bridge.



United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
When his partner jumped for joy one spring evening after a session of bridge at the 2011 Victoria Regional
Favorite Conventions
Flannery, Gazilli, Heeman, Klinger 2NT ( Aurora variants )
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Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: JT952 A2 A92 JT3
Current Poll Results say 70% allow the opponents to play in 2. When 3 doubled and off 1 gets 1 matchpoint against every pair that allows the opponents to play that partial.
Sarik Goyal's bidding problem: QJ96 K84 QJ63 KJ
To find the lead, of course.
Trick 1 Pause, Platinum Pairs
S.D. - The point is that 'thinking' causes BIT. The point is that younger and less experienced players need to think longer and in more situations. Directors have been given the power to change the score after BIT. The consequence is that stronger more experienced players 'have recourse' when weaker ...
Trick 1 Pause, Platinum Pairs
C.Y. - Yes, thinking was once a larger part of the game (in the time of tolerance and before arbitrary BIT penalty assessment). Today, 'director BIT calling' has become conventional, for to get a second bite at the apple.
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: AT95 8 AQJ987 86
"You might comment if you disagree with South's PASS over East's 4" South 100% blame (for guessing wrong over North's Double).
Dan Zagorin's bidding problem: QJ Kxx AQx QJTxx
time to man up
Was this a fielded psyche and is the psychic bidder allowed to coach his client when the director is called?
"My guess is that East simply passes when partner can declare a hand." Agree.
Drury bidding poll followup
I think 3 is "reasonable" as long as it "suggests" another strain.
Michael Kopera's bidding problem: AK76 --- Q9852 AKQ8
continued auction 1 P 1NT P 2 P 2 P 3 P ?? after a 2 preference, prospects of responder's (example) hand now look better
Michael Kopera's bidding problem: AK76 --- Q9852 AKQ8
Nope. At matchpoint pairs, don't worry about "buwuddif ... a worst case scenario happens". Instead, do worry about making a call that "steers" an auction towards a lower probability of success. +++ On this hand you know there should be at least a 5-4 fit, or a 4-4 fit ...

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