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Randy Breuer
Randy Breuer
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Aug. 29, 2010
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
played on team with Grant Bazr Chicago nationals we had a hand points were 20 with North 20 with south Grant said 1st time he ever saw points divided equally 2 hands all 40- funniest part my partner was slow i opened 2nt she bid 3 dias transfer i bid 3 hearts she bid 7nt,,
Bridge Accomplishments
won A flight regional pairs with a new partner who played kitchen bridge not a single convention/ also won 1st A flight pairs i ever played in but after making a fuss at partnership desk because they told me they had no one to play with a begiinner finally a local pro said he would play one session and l was happy but he must have been happier when we were ahead by 10% going into evening because he played it also and we won!
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Is filing a recorder form warranted.
is there any appeal available to them? l mean do they get to tell their version or is the form automatically kept?
Is filing a recorder form warranted.
ok I see your point and hope u see where I am coming from next point what percentage of players know where and what a player memo looks like? l admit I only play a few tournaments a year but I can't ever recall a director saying a word ...
Is filing a recorder form warranted.
JoAnn so which fumbles are acceptable? so I am playing against you having never met you, you go play a card and fumble at a key play is it automatic l fill out a form or is there a chance you just fumbled? how do I judge? better yet how ...
Is filing a recorder form warranted.
can I ask did u call director as soon as the fumble occurred?
Is filing a recorder form warranted.
if hand had gone 2 or 3 would you even be asking about recorder form? players do this all the time even good players, think their is an issue don't call wait to find out result than call. "I won't call if I get a good result but ...
A list of "Just bridge" situations
I think it is different to make a forcing bid than to make a gambling bid 3h pp 3nt with a stiff is a gambling bid Peg have u ever played and a situation has come up and pops said 1st time this has happened well sooner or later there ...
Four Table Mitchell?
why can't you be stationary no matter what direction you sitting. just have you stay at your table and players playing you that round always come to you only round you have to move is round you went to more crippled player. no reason just to use 4 tables ...
A list of "Just bridge" situations
Peg If the auction goes: 3♥ - P - P to me and I bid 3NT with lots of points but a stiff heart - should my partner alert because I might not have a heart stopper? Sorry - but this seems very similar to me. Again - "just bridge" and not requiring an alert ...
A list of "Just bridge" situations
Peg I know what you are saying but let me ask you this when this happens you play hand and everybody moves along no one records you did this, so when you say once a year it could really be once ever 6 months. your partner holds Axxx Axxx Axxx ...
Twelve-board games for Alzheimer Fund games -- small sections, movement suggestions?
3 board rounds cut out a round 3s always faster than 2 s
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