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Randy Breuer
Randy Breuer
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Aug. 29, 2010
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13 minutes ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
played on team with Grant Bazr Chicago nationals we had a hand points were 20 with North 20 with south Grant said 1st time he ever saw points divided equally 2 hands all 40- funniest part my partner was slow i opened 2nt she bid 3 dias transfer i bid 3 hearts she bid 7nt,,
Bridge Accomplishments
won A flight regional pairs with a new partner who played kitchen bridge not a single convention/ also won 1st A flight pairs i ever played in but after making a fuss at partnership desk because they told me they had no one to play with a begiinner finally a local pro said he would play one session and l was happy but he must have been happier when we were ahead by 10% going into evening because he played it also and we won!
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Which game is least bad?
I think auction a simple 1nt-3nt most play 15-17 and pray after that
ACBL Board of Governors Teacher and Club Manager Committee
Oh I agree with forum but reading ur minutes seemed confusing I mean is there ever a motion you have brought forward to board? Things I would like changed are many most have been discussed but here is a simple one acbl has club appreciation month-what this means to me ...
Putting pressure on opponents quickly versus taking the most chances
I like winning trick one with club ace and than lead up a spade trick 2 I agree to easy to signal in trump suit
ACBL Board of Governors Teacher and Club Manager Committee
Sorry Steve I read minutes back to San Diego didn't see one thing to excite me that this committee has been formed, maybe I am missing something.
Attracting New Bridge Players - What Works and What Doesn't?
Silvana if they but a 2nd one month membership do u get the $5 rebate again?
Check Out the New Club and Teacher Forum on Bridge Winners!
Donald you said: To the best of my knowledge, the ACBL will accept payments in CDN to the ACBL account in Canada, and uses it to pay obligations within Canada, such as Canadian employees like TDs. I said no we have to exchange the money and than they exchange to ...
Check Out the New Club and Teacher Forum on Bridge Winners!
I don't get ur argument I am not asking to accept my money at par I am asking ACBL to do what you already said they do let me send my money to a Canadian bank and use it from there don't exchange anything
Will This Forum Become More Than an Exercise in Herding Squirrels?
Kevin I think is way too early to talk about going off on your own separate from ACBL the system in place with some tinkering will work for all. as for are we just herding squirrels- again way to early to judge, thinks take time. coming up with a long ...
Check Out the New Club and Teacher Forum on Bridge Winners!
Don l do not know as much as most about economics but I know this if you take $100 Canadian and convert it to American the bank keeps $5 for doing it and now if you take the $70 American and return it to Canada the bank takes $5 for ...
Check Out the New Club and Teacher Forum on Bridge Winners!
Donald wow listening to ur arguments has just proven what Canadians have to deal with for years as this exchange issue was discussed. I think a better argument you should try to make is that the Canadian clubs which have mostly stopped holding any special games and many have closed ...
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