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Randy Breuer
Randy Breuer
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Aug. 29, 2010
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23 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me


terrible speller {bothers others not me}


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Meeting Grant Baze and all the advice he gave me over the years. Paul Soloway kibtzed me Wash.NABC left after 3 hands i went down in 2 lol
Regular Bridge Partners
need one
Favorite Tournaments
None anymore rather spend money on warm vacations!
Favorite Conventions
the less i use the better i play
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Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
One board that cost us the Tournament
Have to be honest no clue any of the players but I would ask for a recorder form
One board that cost us the Tournament
East passed way better player than me I guess I would never pass and always bid 2 spades. Are u sure dble was takeout?
Motions before the BoD.
Barbara Carol was was very good at what she was allowed to do sadly none of this has to with anything of that. BOD just don't care about clubs it is so obvious.
Motions before the BoD.
Jeff this got me thinking before BW I always thought BOD did a bad job but sometimes thought maybe I was wrong the more I read on here and of BOD I know they are useless So frustrated thinking better off putting head back in sand.
Motions before the BoD.
Club Appreciation Team Games and Upgraded Club Championships – Awards 25% Gold masterpoints, up to a maximum of 1 masterpoint; remaining awards are black. Wow clubs across the country rejoice we are all saved! Omg reading this document no wonder clubs give up how many pages and time spent discussing how ...
BW Censorship
Mark Bridge is a game people cheat at games. Even Americans { especially Canadians}- and many have been caught over the years but others still try as long as there is a reward people will cheat! So I don't think there is any deterrent ever to stop cheating.
BW Censorship
I guess I am in minority but I don't see point going back in time to find cheaters, how does this help bridge today?
what is your plan?
I would pass unless i have a system to invite in dias
Some words from Monaco
Pierre Zimmermann and the FMB have proposed a new route for the international bridge and opened new opportunities for professionnal top players: Can we read or hear about this proposal?
In the middle of a tournament, a player collapses. Do you know what to do?
WOW so if it is 2 blocks away and average bridge player 72 you should be able to recover it in 10 mins or so?

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