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Randy Pearson
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Jan. 24, 2015
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Just returning to bridge after 25-year absence.

United States of America

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You Hold Update
You folks are doing a great job!
Best way to handle this situation?
Of course. I was trying to hint about how a partnership could have avoided the convention disruption in the first place.
Best way to handle this situation?
How about passing 1N, then (later) discussing what 2m bids should mean for the next time this comes up.
Would you open
Hand 1 lacks the quick tricks for me. Hand 2 I would pass if playing Reverse Flannery (hoping for 1m in 4th seat), but might stretch a 1S opening otherwise.
Splitting in 2nd Seat: High or Low?
Thanks. I knew there was a reason my partnership never discussed this. ;)
"Natural" with limited 2m openings
We used to play a hybrid of K-S and Precision that had natural 2m openings that denied 4-card majors. Roughly it was: 1: 17+ UNBAL, 18+ BAL 1: 15-17 BAL or 11-16 UNBAL, the latter guaranteed a 4-card M 1M: 5+, 11-16 (25 years ago, would be ~10 ...
Double UI - How Would You Rule?
@David, on your point that (b) "is not supported by the OP", South's 2 would always be the start of a rescue unless he knew the Dbl was neither penalty nor a strong 1-suiter (easy to convert). Given that neither had he asked for an explanation, nor was ...
How would your auction go?
We play that 2-2-3 shows this hand type (5+, but usually 6, and 4). When opener instead has long , he bids 3, and responder is allowed (encouraged) to bid a temporizing 3, to allow opener to show 4M. Not perfect, but these ...
Count as Primary Trick 1 Signal
Thanks for all the comments! We're going to play primary count and should have time to discuss the Bath Coup type of exception.
Continuation after 1!H - 1!S - 2N
Play Gazzilli, and then use 2N for strong 6-4m hands.

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