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Randy Pearson
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Jan. 24, 2015
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Returned to bridge 5 years ago after a 25-year absence.

United States of America

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Fit Showing Jumps or Weak Jump Shifts in Competition
Mike, I like this notion of distinguishing 1-1-2 auctions from 1-2-2 (and of course 1-1-1). If your partnership style is to allow light 1-level overcalls, this makes even more sense.
What do you think of the director's actions?
What if someone on the non-offending side, and less familiar with the laws, decided not to call the director, assuming that because the director was there and took no action, it wasn't an irregularity? That wouldn't be a good outcome either, so I tend not to agree with ...
For Frank Stewart
I thought Florence was bad, but then we got to Rome...
Plan the Play in 3NT at Matchpoints
If I were going to play , I would lead the 10 at T2, so they can't establish the long before I've had a chance to play on .
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: AK2 AK7 J AQ8653
Slam requires both major queens or a very unexpected holding. I don’t like the odds.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: --- AK AKQJ82 KQJ53
If we have solid agreement that 4 is +m, then I’ll bid 4NT then 5NT over 5, suggesting better . Lacking those agreements, 6 immediately seems safer.
Three-card raises--- are they automatic?
It changes 2 from preferred to automatic.
Which ACBL regional Nov 4-10?
Sounds really good. Nice schedule layout, but I have to ask what “Real Quiet Evening “ is?
Practice with "Relay Doubles"--our new toy
Craig Z: How does your partnership define where these apply? For example, if responder's bid is not a raise--for example (1)-2-(3), would Relay Doubles be on or would something else like Snapdragon apply? Perhaps one of Kit's mentions of this provides the answer ...
How many times?
Musn't LHO hold a stiff and the holding be J1097 for this bizarre turn of events at T2? I'm playing LHO for 4=2=6=1. If LHO has the A, several lines work, but I can also make the hand when RHO has that card ...

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