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Randy Pearson
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Jan. 24, 2015
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Returned to bridge 5 years ago after a 25-year absence.

United States of America

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XY NT by a passed hand
The poll needs at least 2 more options: Revert to all bids natural, and Other.
The second card in a suit
The 50-50 split in votes on the following/discarding part (as of 18 hours after OP) suggests this one needs partnership discussion.
Is there a PROVEN best carding method?
This HML problem can also create a tempo/UI issue. A break in tempo in an obvious count situation could suggest holding 3 cards and making this decision of whether H can be afforded.
You play Gazzilli but not Flannery
With 4 great open 1, else with 5 bad and minor values open 1NT, else with great rebid 2, else 2. This is part of the reason we adopted Flannery not long after Gazzilli.
Unusual over unusual
In my primary partnership we have a single agreement that covers all situations where 2 suits are used to provide messages about the other 2 suits. We use the term "tagging" for this, and it applies in numerous situations, some when the opps haven't even bid. We assign the ...
Randy Pearson's lead problem: Q4 52 AJT8432 K6
My partner asked if they were playing lebensohl or anything here, and they weren't sure...
another "Where did East/West go wrong?" hand
As discussed above under Kerry Kappell's post, this invite-then-bid-game approach is a UI disaster waiting to happen. I know, because I used to bid this way. Never again. Anyhow, the power of 2 Aces makes this a clear game bid IMHO.
Dutch Spiral
After 1m-1; 2, I play 3 is a game try showing 5 plus length in (like a help suit try). Although it doesn't promise 4, it seems reasonable for opener to accept with 4 when holding 3=4=(1/5).
What does this 3!D bid mean?
If playing NF advances--and thus cuebids as overloaded--how do you make a limit raises? I could see something like (1)-1-(P)-2NT being played as that, but after 2-level overcalls, it seems a 2NT advance is needed as natural.
Dutch Spiral
Nice! I am mentally shredding 2 pages of superseded system notes.

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