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Randy Thompson
Randy Thompson
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May 24, 2012
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about me

Retired attorney. Avid golfer (though only shoot in mid-to-high 80's) and bicyclist (over 4,000 miles each year from 2010 to 2017).

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
When we made the Vanderbilt round of 16 and walked into the room, we saw people whose faces we had seen on magazines, whose books and articles we had studied. My wife turned to me and said, "this is like an IQ test -- which object is out of place in this group?" Obviously, that was us.
Bridge Accomplishments
9th/16th in 1983 Vanderbilt, First in 2013 NABC Bruce LM-5000 Pairs, 9th in 2001 NABC IMP Pairs, 6th in 0-10K NABC Pairs in 2016, 3d/4th in 0-6000 KOs in 2018, 5th/8th in 3 other limited NABC KOs, several regional wins and deep places in national events.
Regular Bridge Partners
Barry Spector, Neil Hunter
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Sapphire Life Master
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John Miller's bidding problem: J754 AKQ86 A AJ8
You showed a hand thats has two fast spade losers yet felt safe in 5. If you have a source of tricks (you don't) then pard certainly should show first round spade control. Hope we make 6.
In the dark. (ACBL)
Simpler solution: Do not vary your methods over their double depending on what the double means. Any version of Capp should have double as strong hand, BTW.
Mark Jones's bidding problem: AQJ 4 K97 Q98754
I voted for 4 but my greatest fear was pushing them to a making 4. But, I may have three spade tricks on defense and between the spades and diamonds, should have 3 defensive tricks most of the time. If pard has one, they are making 3 ...
Gender Variance and Conditions of Contest
Insurance companies absolutely do rate by gender. They are not permitted by law to rate by race -- but many life insurance companies engage in borderline illegal actions of only trying to sell life insurance in white neighborhoods and only trying to sell annuities in black neighborhoods. Those two types of ...
Off topic
Replies have always shown up on a grey background for me. I have Macs now but I think it also did that on my windows-based machines.
Judgement Advice
So, you pass and let pard make the decision in the dark?
ACBL Attendance Dropoff - 2016-2018
A Roanoke VA regional in the late 70's changed our approach to where we stayed. We always found the cheapest possible place until then. In some single-digit-dollars-per-night place with detached shanties (only accurate word), we also were saving money on food and had a loaf of bread and some ...
Harvard Undergraduate Bridge Club Approved
Congrats! You have learned some things we all learned at Harvard back in the day -- especially "Never accept a low-level "no.'" Also, the bureaucracy protects itself and you have to be super motivated to take it on. Every time Harvard wanted to pretend that things could be different than mandated ...
The Minimum/Off-shape Take-out Double
My primary point is in the second sentence -- that there is no such thing as "standard" when it comes to doubles.
What now?
Ah, thx. Then I would have abstained. :)
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