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Raphael Hallerman
Raphael Hallerman
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Dec. 15, 2016
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Oct. 15
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about me

USBF Junior and 3rd year computer science and economics student at UChicago

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Sean McNally, Cynthia Huang, Ilan Wolff
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Religious Restrictions and our Conditions of Contest
I did exactly this in the last GNTs, and it worked quite well. We were definitely not 100% silent, but I don't actually think we whispered questions and answers any more than we would have under normal conditions.
Religious Restrictions and our Conditions of Contest
Setting a policy and then enforcing it with no exceptions is not at all consistent with other bridge events, though. When a player cannot walk well and they'd be unable to participate in a movement, we allow them to be stationary. When a player cannot see well, we provide ...
Religious Restrictions and our Conditions of Contest
Sleeping each night is a choice. Sure, eventually your body will force you to sleep, but we can all survive at least one night without it. And yet as you do it, I'm sure you don't think about the choice you're making when you go to sleep ...
Religious Restrictions and our Conditions of Contest
Are there any policies currently in place for players with, say, Parkinson's, who cannot write legibly behind screens? I have seen assistants handling cards for others, but that would not solve the problem of conveying explanations in silence.
Watching Videos of F-N from Opatija
Similar to what Doug found about FF writing twice, at, he writes, places his scorecard on the playing table, looks at his hand, and only then decides that he would rather have the scorecard placed on the side table!
Doubly Good
Yay Sean and Morgan!
Master Classes: Bridge
100% :)
Master Classes: Bridge
I knew I would find this comment
How would you bid this using your favourite system
Transfer-oriented symmetric relay (TOSR): P - 1 1 - 1NT 2 - 2NT 3NT - 4 4 - 4 5 - 6 1 = 16+ unbalanced or 17+ balanced 1 = 8+ HCP, 2+ controls, 54+ reds or balanced 2 = (433)3 3NT = 4333, 8-10 HCP 4 ...
A Beautiful Hand
Ilan, I think you're mostly on the right track, but if we're being picky about the math, then you have to account for the fact that I can also see 4 clubs in my hand, not to mention 9 other cards (none of which W can hold). So ...

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