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Rasmus Kolding
Rasmus Kolding
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July 28, 2011
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Dec. 8, 2018
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ATB Common Game hand
Souths final pass is weird with that club holding, but I don't understand what 4 was supposed to accomplish either. Still, a 4 from Southh in the third round would clear things up, so all in all more South
Trust the Lead
We use transfer rebids as well, but with 2 always a minimum with 5, and either 3 (after a 1 response) or 4 (after a 1 response). (Edit: in a structure where balanced hands without a 5 card major is always opener 1 club ...
How should declarer approach 3N? (Part two) SORRY - EDITED
My thought. Unless clubs are 5-1 I guess
Does multi go for more numbers?
Kit, what are your agreements if the double is passed around to opener?
UI: What does it suggest? (Part 2)
I don't think the pause suggests anything in particular, and I wouldn't disallow any calls on that basis - partner may be in the lower range, upper range, slightly notrumpy etc.
ATB - missed slam
What were the agreements over the double? Was 5 the weakest possible bid?
Best Use of this Double
I suspect your notrump range influences the best use of openers double. If opener can hold a strong nt, double for cards is more frequent, but (depending on other agreements) probably less clear
Openers third
Thanks all! So in reality, the bidding went 1 1; 1NT 2; 2 3; 3NT all pass with the opening hand slightly different than the example hand ( king :)). 1 is always unbalanced. 1NT shows clubs, unlimited. 2 is a preference Since openers ...
Openers third
Noted, sorry
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
That lead seems pretty plausible if there is a known 9-card fit in . It's a well known deceptive lead.

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