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Ray Fink
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"Under strength" 2!C opening bid - ruling?
"If a pair thinks that are 2♣ openers, then their convention card should have some notation about playing strength in the appropriate place. " ... from "Opening 2 With Tricks Not Points" see the link upthread in Steve Moese's comment If EW has been previously warned, I think ...
Declining the revoke penalty
However friendly the game, however inept the standard of play, I don't want to give players the impression that "it's okay to revoke when it wouldn't have mattered." And I am not willing to have director calls in the future where the revoking side wants a "no ...
Ray Fink's bidding problem: AQ8 --- AT97 AQT765
At the table it seemed that a 2 raise would not help solve the crux of the problem: does partner have the kings I need? I wanted to be in a club slam across from any hand that held the K, and went straight for 4 exclusion. LHO ...
What do you lead from J982? (Modified)
I chose the deuce, but immediately looked into Bird and Anthias Winning Notrump Leads. A couple of similar hands in Chapter 3 suggest the nine might be better by a very thin margin
Table feel vs Cheating
If it is table feel, instead of the other thing, then a very large amount of data would likely show that said players do better against some opponents (the more readable ones) than other less leaky opponents.
Super-accepting after 1NT opener
Super-accept by showing the cheapest control. For us, 4 trumps and upper end of range. Responder can sign off via re-transfer.
Legal or illegal?
There is no Law that requires a player to bid.
Bad Habits of Intermediates
"Defense will have to wait." I seriously suggest re-prioritizing. IMHO partnership defense is the most gaping weakness for players at the level you describe. Learning even a little bit of basic attitude and suit-preference signals, and "every card matters" -- especially with their regular partner -- makes a huge difference in their ...
Your Take on This Exposing This Revoke?
John, you are correct of course, Law 72B1 says "player must not infringe a law intentionally, even if ..." And Law 72C says "If the Director determines that offender could have been aware ... that it could well damage the non-offending side..." Director may award an adjusted score. "Oops, there was a ...
Your Take on This Exposing This Revoke?
As many have noted above, the Laws do not require that I disclose my own revoke. Thus at times it will be to my advantage to deliberately revoke, seeking to gain if the opponents do not notice, and of course accepting the penalty if they do. But that's not ...

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