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Ray Fink
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Jan. 28, 2016
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Follows suit: Almost always

Counts to twelve: Almost always

Counts to thirteen: Some of the time

United States of America

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4th suit by an UPH?
"impossible spade", a very good minor suit raise bursting at the seams given the original Pass. Failure to bid NT suggests spade shortness.
Ray Fink's bidding problem: --- JT9732 864 7542
My understanding is the same as Martin's, authorized.
Ray Fink's bidding problem: --- JT9732 864 7542
Second bonus question: If you do open 2 or anything else, what actions by North would constitute a "comparable call"? Assume N-S are playing common methods against a opening preempt. My view is that a double or any suit overcall would not be a "comparable call", but both a ...
Ray Fink's bidding problem: --- JT9732 864 7542
Bonus question: Is partner's action -- declining to accept -- also authorized information to you?
An inspiration from "size ask or clubs"
I play this in a couple of partnerships, seems to work well though it doesn't come up all that often. We use 1N - 3 as both minors GF. The piece that needs discussion is how does responder show a strong hand with a single minor (ditto for the ...
Simple Forcing Pass Situation?
West's pass over 3 suggests that West thinks 4X is down more than one trick. So it looks like E-W are handing out +500s, I will be first in line to collect. It's a FPS auction for me, but that's irrelevant now. +500, get yours ...
Director Ruling
I am not allowed to choose a comment that was demonstrably suggested by poster's action if I have a logical alternative.
What's the ethical thing to do when partner misreviews auction?
I was responding to the "misreview" categorization of the irregularity. A mistaken explanation is indeed a different beast, as Peter Randall and others note.
What's the ethical thing to do when partner misreviews auction?
Correct it *immediately*. Anything else is unethical. The actual auction is authorized information to all players. Law 20E, "Correction of Error in Review All players, including dummy or a player required by law to pass, are responsible for prompt correction of errors in restatement (see Law 12C1 when an uncorrected ...
Dave Kresh's bidding problem: Q965 --- 932 QT7532
In my favorite methods, 1NT is a transfer to clubs

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