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What to do holding (5-4) in the majors after 1!C - (1!D)
The notation I have always used is : 4531 is your 4=5=3=1 {6331} is your 6-3-3-1 45{31} is your 4=5(31) where inside the braces the order is arbitrary, but outside it is definitive. Simple and concise, without causing intellectual repulsion at false equalities. You don ...
What to do holding (5-4) in the majors after 1!C - (1!D)
No, transfer walsh in any natural environment. I play strong NT, but it is the best treatment with weak NT too. This holding is just one example where it pays off. Opener bids a 4 card major if he has one, else bids 2C and responder then transfers to the ...
What to do holding (5-4) in the majors after 1!C - (1!D)
1NT to show a {45}xx, as I play transfers in response to a 1 open, where this is the normal response and the overcall makes no difference. (A natural 1NT would be a 1 bid, as a spade holding is shown by a 1 bid.) This ...
Systems on/off after responder bids over your 1 NT overcall.
Transfers on where available, Stayman via cue bid, Double is a transfer.
2/1 T-Walsh
Another factor when considering twalsh is that it works much better if 1 is a balanced hand - see the 1NT rebid for example, in the first reply, which is a bit crazy if you have a shortage somewhere else. It also helps that responder can go happily jumping to ...
Opening 1!D with 5clubs and 4diamonds
Yours is a possible interpretation, and it maybe should be clarified in the next issue! However, the paragraph is a subparagraph relating to an opening made in a suit that may be two cards or fewer, so it might not / in my view does not apply to an opening that ...
Opening 1!D with 5clubs and 4diamonds
@ John I think you misread the blue book. 1 is not alerted because it shows 3 cards or more, and does not show any other suit. Or I have misread it ...
Better to play 5-2 major or 4-4 possibly 4-3 minor
Not standard practice in EBUland for those playing 2/1 ! "Four more" is more like it. Especially when the opener minor may be 2 cards. As a system, 2/1 has many advantages and this disadvantage.
Which cue bid to use?
I prefer to say that there is no such thing as a "lower cue bid". After (1) 1 (1) or any responder rebid including a raise, pretend LHO had not bid and they have overcalled partner's opening. My style is to play transfers starting with X ...
The dreaded 15 point hand
Yes, I agree with 17 and a 6 card suit for a jump rebid of a minor. However, Nigel's hand with 15 is an extreme case of aces and kings with a very good jack, that certainly should be upgraded to 17. A reverse is a different matter, as ...
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