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Ray Hornby
Ray Hornby
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June 23, 2010
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Feb. 18
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Bridge Player
about me

Learned the game & played a lot in the 70's & 80's. Started playing competitively again in 2005.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning and drinking all that local wine at the 2016 Penticton Regional
Bridge Accomplishments
2017 CIPC-2nd; 2016 Winnipeg Regional; 2011 District 2 Flight A NAP; 2010 COPC-5th
Regular Bridge Partners
Marielle Brentnall
Favorite Tournaments
Canadian Bridge Championships, Penticton Regional, Council Bluffs Regional
Favorite Conventions
MISER, Fit Jumps, Turbo
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ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
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What other hand types merit jump responses to strong artificial 1C or 2C (or other) openings?
2 response to 2 is one loser red suit-2NT asks responder to transfer into their suit. 3 response to 2 is one loser black suit-3 by opener asks responder to transfer into their suit. 3 through 3NT responses to 2 opener are transfers ...
How do we get to 7!D?
How about 2-X-P-2NT (intending to bid 3 over 3 to show an invitational hand with 4 spades? Now 3 by doubler (=5+card suit), 3 by advancer (I like or am looking for 3NT), anything, KC ask, etc.
Golady convention . Transfers after 1!D-2!C(GF)
Pretty slim Danny :)
How do you bid this?
After 1-1-2-3-3, responder should realize the value of their fitting secondary red suit honours and be prepared to investigate slam opposite 3-suited partner with extras. Slam here comes down to finding the Q on a 3-2 trump break.
Michal Czerwonko's bidding problem: J6 2 KJ643 KQ432
Unfortunately, neither 2 nor 3 gets across the 6-loser minor suit orientation of your hand the way 4 does.
Michal Czerwonko's bidding problem: J6 2 KJ643 KQ432
4 Fit Jump for . It's IMPs not MPs.
3NT is available to give both natural slam tries and cuebids.
In my main partnership, we play that 3NT here asks responder if they have a 2nd suit they're interested in as an alternate strain. Interested responder cooperates by bidding the cheapest step (=4) allowing opener to reveal their suit (skipping 4(=) if too strong). Non-interested responder ...
What do You play when you lead a king, which holds the trick as dummy hits with a singleton at a suit contract?
Suit preference with a middling card suggesting continuing the suit led.
The Bridge World Master Solvers Club
The problems and conditions of contest are posted on their website every month. You don't have to be a subscriber to enter, but do need access to the magazine for the scoring and commentary.
James Tyner's bidding problem: KJ83 AQ2 AJ76 K9
And the alternative to 2NT is ? Balanced hand, positional values in the unbid suits, just under half the deck, <4 hearts.

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