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Ray Yuenger
Ray Yuenger
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Aug. 27, 2012
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Hobbies: duplicate bridge; sticking needles in over- and under-inflated thought balloons

Conduct and Ethics Chair, District 21, since 2008

Former club director

Unit columnist since 1999 in Contract Bridge Forum

Unit President since 2008,  board member since 1999

District Vice-President

Retired appellate attorney

United States of America

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Member of Bridge Club(s)
San Jose Bridge Center
Favorite Tournaments
Sacramento regional
Favorite Conventions
Weak no trump
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
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What to do
Some people play the jump [s]raise[/s] rebid of the minor shows a solid suit. YMMV. Edited for greater clarity.
What to do
Richard, quite so. Jump rebid rather than raise.
Let's see if the answers are the same as [url=] the last time this question was asked[/url] on this site. If you agree to play the [url=]Elwell double[/url], is your partner's ...
What to do
That's why directors know it as "hesitation Blackwood."
What to do
The usual hesitation Blackwood scenario. That's why I write "autowood" on my convention card, to assure opponents we are obliged to carry on to slam with the higher of an ambiguous number of keycards. As Dale said above, without written evidence of such an agreement, it might be hard ...
Full Disclosure
That's probably barely enough, though I'd say, "Because our 2 bid isn't a preempt, our 3 preempt may include hands others would open 2."
It was inevitable.
I've changed my answer twice and now it's back to choice of slams. Leaning towards "to play" is that the responder knows more about the opener's hand than the other way around. Leaning towards "choice of slams" is that responder didn't show a fit before ...
I apologize for this question
Have we slipped back into a debate between Ethics and the ethics of a game? What Ed is saying is that the Duplicate Laws allow Regulating Authorities to "prescribe alerting procedures and/or other methods of disclosure of a partnership's methods." (Law 40B2(a)(iii)) The ACBL has so ...
Full Disclosure
As I [url=]quoted above [/url], Law 20F1 requires an explanation upon request of "relevant alternative calls available that were not made, and about inferences from the choice of action where these are matters of partnership understanding." I submit that 2 ...
Full Disclosure
Ken Rhodes: "it is not generally expected nor desired that our explanations extend to negative inferences about the bids we didn't make." Law 20F1. When an opponent asks for an explanation of your auction, "He is entitled to know about calls actually made, [u]about relevant alternative calls available ...

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