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Putting together a Strong Club (Precision) - any insights into why and how these issues matter?
Just a couple comments to add to the above, about methods I play in some partnerships but don't really care for. 2. I play 1 - 2NT as 11(+)-13 or 16+ bal and 1 - 3NT as 14-15 bal. These are both not very good. 3/4 ...
ACBL Sectionals after November 2018 - convention charts used
Item 2 under allowed opening bids on the Basic+ chart is "Any 1 or 1 opening bid showing at least Average Strength." I'm looking at the version dated 15 Sep 2017, is there a more recent revision?
A Calculable Matchpoint Bidding Decision
If you're considering bidding 6NT, wouldn't 7 be even better?
Open Lyon Discussion Thread
It seems my wording may have caused some confusion. The Netherlands are the team that has a (positive) 6 IMP carryover shown, therefore it is New Zealand that would have received a penalty. Anyways, I see this has now been discussed further in a new article.
Open Lyon Discussion Thread
Anyone know the reason for the 6 imp carryover shown for the Netherlands in their Bermuda Bowl match against New Zealand? Some sort of procedural penalty perhaps?
2017 NAP-B report: system wins/losses
Same as yours actually, except 1 = 8-10 balanced.
2017 NAP-B report: system wins/losses
I also played the first board in 3NT by North and won the heart lead on the board, then after two rounds of spades were ducked, crossed to dummy to play a third round. On this trick West pitched an encouraging club before following suit so after a quick director ...
Foundations of hand patterns
In the problems with the urn, the original problem was really something like "You have an urn containing four balls of which an odd number are red. (Aside from this constraint, all assignments of colors to balls are equally likely.) You draw one ball, which you observe to be white ...
Poor pair game movements
Same for 24 boards and 8 tables, and a relay in a 3-board round almost never requires waiting for a board to play.
Identifying the player in a lead a problem
I think you're always South in lead problems. When there is some text included with the lead problem (such as explanations of bids), there's also a caption explaining that the hand has been rotated to make you South and the text may need to be interpreted with this ...

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