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Rena Kaplan
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March 3
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Kings and Queens, Sydney
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Bd 2 BB Poland vs Sweden April 23rd 2019
I was sorry I hadn’t bid 3NT after the bidding went 1D, 1S, 3D. Now I’m glad we got a plus score
Hand 14 from April 23
Sorry all, I did double, so my question is what should south do over 3 diamonds?
Good Morning from Shanghai
Hope you had a good flight and play well.
Yesterday you both thought a 1NT bid was better because the hand wasn’t good enough to reverse into that bad spade suit.
I rebid 4 spades which makes it much harder for east to bid diamonds. Now, the best they could do was double and take the money. If it wasn't for the Q10x of hearts, I would have opened 4 spades at that vulnerability.
NSWBA Saturday March 16th / Practice Match Bd 23
Our auction was as above. What do you think of the 2 heart bid over the 2 diamond overcall? Do you play this as happy to play in 3 diamonds? Is the hand worth a 2 heart squeak? After discussions we have decided that 'other minor' doubles don't show ...
March 16, NSWBA Practice, Board 25
I decided to bid the hand this way because I didn't know how to assess my hand. The singleton diamonds, and a 5 card side suit is far too good for a 2 heart raise but didn't want to deceive partner by bidding 2 spades (Bergen) and shutting ...
March 16 NSWBA Practice Board 27
Our auction was entirely different. After 2 passes, east opened 1 club and west bid 1 heart. North bid doubled and east redoubled showing 3 hearts. I bid 2 spades and west bid 3 clubs. North now bid 3 spades where we played for 1 off and a 3 imp ...
Hands 17 and 18 from Saturday match
But you must be very impressed that I could even post the hand. Remembering the auction as well is asking too much!
bidding query
It could easily be 800 territory
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