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Rex Fox
Rex Fox
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April 18, 2018
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Bridge Director
about me

Learned Bridge in High School (Monash High, Melbourne Australia). Maths teacher taught us Auction Bridge.

Club director since the 1970's.

Started a rural bridge club from scratch in the 1990's - Macedon Ranges BC - 65Km north of Melbourne.

Now a member of the Australian Bridge Director Association, in order to learn as much as possible.


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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Odds on Doubling
Sorry, realised comment not relevant
BIT Ruling and Aftermath
In that scenario, my policy is to rule against myself in any judgement type matter. Even a clear application of a rule would be carefully explained in gentle terms. Must keep the club members content.
Legal? Ethical?
Thanks Steven F, I missed that bit about an uncontested Auction.
Legal? Ethical?
Steve, In Australia we have a fairly simple (cf. ACBL & EBU ) alerting scheme. Since at least 2008, a 2C Stayman response is not alertable. A natural 2C sign off type of response thus would be alertable.
Wuhan Restaurants
20 years ago the local delicacy was River Snails, tastes a little like prawns maybe. The locals were impressed that I ate them. Anyone that tries them - please let me know if they are still available and what you think of them.
Class of player
Regulating Authority’s Powers under Law Determinations of the ABF as Regulating Authority As at August 1, 2017 (a) Top down - A declarer who states that he is cashing a suit is normally assumed to cash them from the top.
Director Ruling: First ever situation
68D. Play is suspended ... As the op described, so not ceased - then it follows as per the rest of 68D
Overbidding at the start of a session, difficult to overcome. A common fault I seen in others also. One time in a strong field went for -1100 first board in a six board round. Resolved to concentrate hard, wiped the smiles off ops by board 6.
Dummy wants to see played tricks
Dummy acted unlawfully. LAW 43 ‐ DUMMY’S LIMITATIONS Except as Law 42 allows: A. Limitations on Dummy 1. (a) Dummy may not initiate a call for the Director during play unless another player has drawn attention to an irregularity. (b) Dummy may not call attention to an irregularity during play ...
Spaces on bidding slips
From ABF regulations: Each call should be written in the next vacant box working from left to right of that player's segment of the bidding slip
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