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Rich Regan
Rich Regan
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Dec. 12, 2010
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about me

Some people say I bid too much...

United States of America

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Won mini Spingold in 2003 with Rob and Matt Meckstroth, Jim Hawkes, and Andy Hurd
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Sapphire Life Master
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ATB -640
I'm not sure I worded it correctly.... "For those thinking W had a penalty pass".... I actually meant.... for those thinking that W "showed" a penalty pass.
ATB -640
Appears I'm in the vast minority here... but.... I like the agreement that we are not playing any low level xx contract by opps. So I think the final pass is wrong. A. I think it's extremely rare that you defend 2 level or below, XX, and do ...
To bid or not to bid?
From 100% of my experience... I would never be allowed to bid 3H. No matter how correct it is... director is called... and I lose.
Bessis and Meckstroth Win 2019 Cavendish Pairs
Well done !
Dick Vatter's bidding problem: 94 A96 AT74 KQJ8
So would I expect from experienced players. But review... you are in 4th seat... and don't want opps running over you. Your pass logically shows 0-14 hcp. So by passing,,, you've given partner almost no idea as to what you have. However... my 1N... is only off by ...
Dick Vatter's bidding problem: 94 A96 AT74 KQJ8
Well... 1N is closer to describing my hand than anything else....
Curtis Cheek Wins 2019 Lazard Sportsmanship Award
Yes, Curtis... surprised you haven't won this earlier. Your ethics, and demeanor at the table are at a super high level. I do enjoy giving you hands.... in which you know I did something quite out of the ordinary....
Dick Vatter's bidding problem: QJT75 A4 7 AK863
I don't like ambiguity. My agreements are.... 2D shows nothing but a good spade raise. 3C is a cue bid, 3H is a cue bid. I'm going to ask if partner has 2 keycards. Bidding 4S over 3H is a little too much decision making, instead of asking.
Rich Regan's lead problem: AJT9852 32 5 A64
As I thought... the decision was not clear cut... either could work. I led the Js... partner had Kx and we took the first 8 tricks.
You solve lots... many... a ton of... problems when you overcall 1N if you have a 1N overcall. Don't find reasons to not bid 1N... just do it and watch the final results get better.

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