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More baseball and bridge
One of Kantar's books mentions the match. I believe it was 6 boards, 4 against 4, Aces vs. Philadelphia Phillies. Three of the Phillies were McCarver, Jim Bunning, and Richie Ashburn. Ashburn's widow Herbie still plays competitively in the Philadelphia area.
Which squeeze to try?
The double squeeze operates only if E holds 4 or more spades, which means the single squeeze would also work, unless you think W underled A of hearts.
Is this forcing?
Both 4S and 5D are available to show stronger hands.
1NT p 2NT showing diamonds
responder is much more likely to have just diamonds than a weak 5-5.
The age of paranoia
N is marked with at least 3 hearts-E is short, W has no 4-card major. N also has at most 1 club because of S's length. Depending on how E-W bid 4-4 in the minors, E may guarantee 5 clubs when he has heart shortness. If so, N must ...
Any way to a grand?
Responder could bid 5NT over 5H to try for 7. Opener might bid either 6H or 7D because of the Q of hearts.
Meckstroth Elected to Hall of Fame
The ACBL Hall of Fame suffers from the same defect as the baseball Hall of Fame-an overabundance of highly qualified nominees and a limitation imposed on the voters. All the unelected nominees are arguably far more qualified than many current members of the ACBL Hall of Fame. Limiting voters to ...
How do you play the diamonds?
There's a slim chance that RHO has KX and LHO can get a ruff in some suit. If you play AQ and smother the J. there won't be a ruff, so A then Q is very slightly better.
Asymmetry in Matchpoint Scoring
There may be more pairs that are much stronger than the average of the field than pairs that are much weaker than the average. This will produce more very high scores than very low scores.
What should a "free" relay show in this auction or one similar
2D shows a diamond suit, probably 6 or more cards. You could play that Rdbl. shows willingness for overcaller to describe his hand, pass does not.
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