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Board 16 from the 11/17/2018 Common Game
Thanks, Craig, for taking the time to respond, particularly in such detail. It's very helpful. I always appreciate your commentary on the common game hands, and wonder why more people don't come here to discuss them.
Board 16 from the 11/17/2018 Common Game
Playing Standard American methods, how should NS bid to reach the spade slam after West opens 1 club?
Is the best lead obvious?
I seem to run into a lot of hands like this where the indicated trump lead gives up a trump trick to no benefit, because declarer has enough trumps remaining in dummy to get the ruffs he needs.
What would you rule?
Since North is a defender, any director call he makes in this situation must occur after the hand is played. Law 20F.5(b)(i)
Board 11 from the 05/27/2017 Common Game
That's it, Craig. Thanks.
Board 11 from the 05/27/2017 Common Game
As North, I foolishly sacrificed in 5HX, down three on normal play by my partner. This was a bottom, -500 against -480 scored by the pairs that let EW play 4S. (Nobody bid the slam). Deep Finesse says the double dummy result at 5H is down two. Does anyone see ...
Simple question 2!H response to 2!C, alert required ?
Redundant comment deleted

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