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Richard Brown
Richard Brown
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Sept. 23, 2012
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Retired Air Force pilot, electrical engineer, church leader, and Precision enthusiast.

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Jessica Brake's bidding problem: J KJT983 4 AK763
Shapely, but minimum in honor count, I'm rebidding 2H for the moment.
Rich Newell's bidding problem: AKx AKQxx Txxx x
Had the partnership elected to employ Flannery, would not the 3 jump be more tolerable?
Leo Liao's bidding problem: AT84 K6 AJT8 KJ8
Leo - please summarize our methods over a 2 overcall.
David Sackett's bidding problem: T J8653 4 AKQT43
Lacking spades, I much prefer showing my clubs rather than hearts.
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: Q2 KQ7 T3 AKQJT3
Ugh,indeed. Glad I employ a Precision club.
Assign blame for NS scoring only -80
... and North is a passed hand; surely the redouble is not promising more than he actually has. The fault is all South's.
Joe Crim's bidding problem: KJT53 KJT854 8 T
Unless one has lots of methods, this problem can only be sometimes solved. My 3 transfer, self-raised to four hearts, invites opener to go further (I expect opener will do so with a heart honor and at least two aces). If we stop at 5, and thereby miss ...
David Corn's bidding problem: Q9 KJT AKJ97 J62
Tell us please whether a simple continuation is forcing here (and to what level).
Help with Precision Club please
If you locate a copy of the 1973 Terrence Reese book, Precision Bidding and Precision Play, you'll find a simple presentation of an essentially natural Precision Club style. Way back then Reese intuited a need to introduce a 4-card major suit after a 1C-pass-1D-pass start if we held a ...
Mixed BAM precision auction - What is the worst bid?
Your Precision methods may not allow this, but in our Precision methods a double of the one heart call would show a GF hand with NT interest, but lacks a heart stop. We'd forego the immediate 2 club positive for the greater good of defining our hand type in ...

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