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Aug. 5, 2014
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June 27
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Professionally: I teach, and run club games.  'Horas non numero nisi serenas'.  


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A field day for the heat
I have a hazy memory, some misty years ago through the mud and the beer, of the OP explaining to me that Kx was a perfectly standard lead in rubber bridge. If my partner led the K, I'd think they had a romantic soul, and were a bit of ...
Allegations against EBU members
It came as a surprise to me to discover I wasn't a member of the EBU recently! However if you have concerns about a member of Bridgewinners, BBO, or a London club one approach is to contact the relevant organisations directly (privately) - they may be able to offer advice ...
Where to start?
@john Suppose Paul likes your overall plan, but wonders which order to do things in (where to start?). If your "usual flair" line in diamonds is influenced by the heart finesse, then this is a reason to start with hearts. This has a technical cost though, because if you lose ...
Frustration With BBO Directors
For pairs that put invitational raises through Stayman, even if Stayman is 'promissory', a reasonable method is to play the sequence 1NT-2-2-2 as NF invitational with 4. The corollary for such pairs is that 1NT-2-2-2NT *denies* a major (this is the OP's sequence ...
How strongly do you feel?
@Ambrose I share your desire for an objective data-driven analysis, but I'm afraid I think your proposed study has design flaws. The quality of historical data is a serious concern - recall disgraced pair F-S whose lead strategy was "we lead the suit partner told us too". I'm sure ...
What are the EBU rules for 3rd seat light openers?
Absolutely fine. For the record I'd certainly never even consider opening with fewer than eight of Mr Milton Work's points, and I'd be shocked, shocked I say, if any right-thinking partner were ever to do so. Er, actually Psalm 25:7 might be necessary here.
Steaming tendencies part 2: part score vs game
Why do you need to win your money back this afternoon? Got a hot date? The question might have been "haven't picked up any points for... an hour / all afternoon / all week / since your divorce / etc." but these are all arbitrary divisions of time into chunks, and the perceived ...
Risk Over Risk Plus Reward
There's a famous solution to this by Von Neumann - toss the coin twice, ignore the result if both tosses are the same, otherwise take the result of the second toss. See
Statistical Models for Testing Illegal Communication
@Marty The calculations you attempt are mentioned on page 6, "how many matches would there be if random", (referred to by Prof. Lawler as easy calculations). You discuss an approach to present such calculations. Even this isn't completely trivial - e.g. your example has some arithmetical difficulties: "ACTUALLY pointed ...
T-Tests: World Championship Butlers
@kurt I absolutely agree that openly sharing all data in a useable format is essential to establish credibility of any analysis. @yehudit I agree with and admire your approach, which I would consider to be that of the 'good scientist', and somewhat altruistic. To see the (entirely hypothetical) scope for ...
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