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Richard Kendall
Richard Kendall
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Dec. 13, 2010
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March 27
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Bridge Player

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district GNT finals
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district GNT 2nd and GNP finals 7th
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flannery, Trident, Socrates 2D
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
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Certainly to bidder has an obligation to state what he thinks his bid shows?
Polish premier league semifinal 2015 featuring Fisher and Schwartz
db 4- Lotan places board right and short, rho pushes it to the center. This is the Heart preference. Schwartz pops club A and plays HK and another, with no apparent thought (imho). Start looking at 28:35.
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
Robert- How can this pair, who clearly demonstrate they are "not on the same page" when it comes to their "methods" (using your examples) win "everything in sight" for the last 2 years?
Which of these are legal?
As an aside to this discussion, suppose your third seat opener is AKJx, KQxx, xxx, xx and you choose to open Flannery. Partner never plays you to hold 4-4 in the majors, but knows this is possible from prior experience. Is this a legal conventional call. And should the alert ...
Reverse Flannery by Responder
At IMPS, when responder is 5-4 w/ invite at best, and opener holds the mini w/ 2 spades w/o 4..would you rather end up playing 2 or 2NT?
Kibitzing in Lake Geneva
that is funny!
OkBridge or BBO: Your Experiences
Add my name to the list of those who started with the Imagination Network (@$2.00/hr, as I recall), then to OKBridge ($50/yr back then), and then on to BBO. I got to BBO in time to be able to use the downloaded interface, which I think is ...
Richard Kendall's bidding problem: 753 --- J85 KQJ8742
I was the opening bidder on this hand, AND the one who chose to pass 1ntx and reenter the auction with 3 later. Those close to me have said the pass was crazy. I was just wondering what responders would think opener held in this sequence? FTR- I held ...
OKBridge and California Secretary of State
There are a couple of points if clarified might be helpful to understanding the situation. 1.) What is SOS/FTB short for? 2.) When you say OKB "refused to respond" this implies you contacted someone from OKB who said they will not respond. Perhaps you meant OKB "has not responded ...
After 1m-1M, 2M-?
My thanks to all those who took the time to comment. One of the major intents of this approach was to try to accommodate those hands that opener has that are not an acceptance, but not a clear rejection either. If we assume the opener has only two choices (min ...

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