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Richard Margolis
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Nov. 10, 2012
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David Scharfbillig's bidding problem: KT97543 --- 3 JT642
With partner's announced wastage in , I have no slam ambitions. Presumably I did before, as I did not begin with 4, intending to pass 4 (see Steve above). While we could re-transfer with 4, I now prefer to become declarer in order to conceal this ...
William Zhu's bidding problem: 982 A AQJ8 AKT87
It is generally unwise to leap to slam, but unless we have the explicit agreement that 4NT is RKCB in (see for example, Dave W above), I am unwilling to risk that. 5 is a "feel good noise," but we won't accept partner's likely signoff in ...
Defining Bridge
Without over- romanticizing the past, I clearly recall the club experience 55 years ago being a strong factor in my coming to love bridge. Ellis is correct in that we need to grow from the bottom up. My partner of that era and I, a couple of high school kids ...
Settle A Bet
Well, in original Roth - Stone, a raise to 2M was indeed forcing, showing about 10 - 12 HCP and at least 3-card support. Lesser holdings had to go through 1NT, then re-evaluate according to opener's rebid.
Settle A Bet
Consistent with the current tendency to overbid, commonly known as "upgrading," the majority choose to call this collection a limit raise. Even those afflicted with Point Count Disease will recognize that we need approximately a Strong 1NT opening opposite if partner is balanced in order for game to be a ...
Eugene Hung's bidding problem: K7 J642 T873 J64
I'll leave the original decision about whether or not to pass out the opening 1 call to others, but I see no compelling reason to guess a red suit in this situation. The various 5-4-3-1's are all certainly possible, although I might call 2 with 4 ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AK2 AKQJ965 --- T76
Fair enough, my distinguished namesake. If we are impelled to make a call stronger than that conceivably competitive 4, I'd suggest starting the control-bidding with 4, with a subsequent control-bid in to follow. We are not going to play short of 6, and if we do ...
Steven Mcgrahan's bidding problem: AT8732 4 AQT65 6
This holding has enormous playing strength, which can be shown by 4. As Jack notes, we can pass 4 or correct 5 to 5. Slam may be playable our way, but I cannot discern a way to find out. A making game should score decently at ...
Tomislav šAšEk's bidding problem: Kxx ATxx KTx 9xx
Pass is inconceivable, and, like Marshall, I think DBL is premature. First, presuming that opponents are playing some Strong 1 method, responder's initial pass does not absolutely indicate a worthless holding, merely one that does not make game likely. Thus, partner's re-opening DBL can be shaded, based ...
Fewest HCP for game bid and made?
In the final session of the 1999 Reisinger in Boston, Augie Boehm and I bid and made 6X on a combined holding of 12 HCP, including a wasted jack. The Daily Bulletin account of this deal is on page 2, entitled "The Wildest Hand." ...
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