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Richard Margolis
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Nov. 10, 2012
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World Junior Online Championship - BBO Sunday
Congratulations to the American team, which recovered and handily won the final match against France. David, congratulations to you as well, and thanks for calling the event to our attention. I enjoyed watching the final 2 sets.
Richard Margolis's bidding problem: 8 AK9853 K8 T864
My distinguished namesake: I am really an armchair player these days, but I have a match to play in NYC next month. Our Columbia University alumni bridge team of over 50 years ago, which was undefeated in collegiate play during the late 60's, will be playing the current Columbia ...
Richard Margolis's bidding problem: 8 AK9853 K8 T864
Like the majority here, I doubled. This was just practice, and my robot "partner" sat with J QXX AQ10XXXX KQ. The opponents' distribution enabled them to make 4X, while we were cold for 5 of either red suit. A double game swing, which I imagine ...
Richard Margolis's bidding problem: AQJ75 K94 K85 K4
Certainly a reasonable position, likely based on a holding similar to what I cited above. 5 is such a rare call that it might well be reserved for a holding needing control. Of course, such holding might have control-bid all around the suit, but here that would ...
Richard Margolis's bidding problem: AQJ75 K94 K85 K4
Considering the array of answers to this problem, it was indeed a challenge. Responder actually called 5, which I, as opener, took to be an all-purpose slam try. Holding KXX QX AQXX AQXX, I chose to pass this out. I considered my holding average ...
ATB oversave
North has some defense, and knows that suits are breaking badly for the opponents, so 6 seems a bit rich. There is no guarantee that opponents can even make on the 5-level, so giving them the problem with 5 feels about right. For all North knows, they are ...
ATB: Languishing in no man's land
If E considered this holding too strong for 1NT, a reasonable position, then it was incumbent on that player to bid accordingly thereafter. The re-opening DBL and competitive raise to 4 come up a bit short in that regard. Partner was under no obligation to offer 3, which ...
Noah Weiss's bidding problem: AQJ7643 T3 T KT4
I'm not willing to go so far as accepting that partner's 3 call must guarantee a primary fit for , Robson's learned treatise notwithstanding, but, logically, it ought to indicate at least tolerance in this auction. KX will do, as might 3 small, as a K ...
Forcing Pass?
It helps to know the conditions, but, as responder's 5 could be intended as a save, it is illogical to consider opener's subsequent pass as forcing. I tend to use very few forcing passes, and this is certainly not a situation in which I would consider one.
ATB - Two suiter difficulties
Like my distinguished namesake, I cannot fathom North's pass of 4 on that massive 6 = 0 = 0 = 7. Partner's call of 4 was voluntary in a competitive auction -- it shows real support. We have several playing tricks more than we have previously shown or implied ...
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