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Nov. 10, 2012
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How many !d cards does this 2!d bid show?
Always and never are very purple words, and life is seldom black and white. Sometimes a bidder must improvise when no ideal call presents itself. Opener will expect a 5-card or longer suit, so responder needs to plan a follow-up for continuations if 2 was chosen on a ...
YBTJ: Wrong slam
Usually unwise to open 2 on a 2-suiter, but this holding is so massive that, void notwithstanding, it does seem best to do so. I consider S's 3NT optional, but acceptable in the sense that it marks the values and denies any other suit to call ...
Is this another auction where double should be for penalties?
Penalty. Dinosaur.
Bridge in the Abattoir - which was the worst call?
Well, exactly 7 years ago this week, I went out to Santa Fe to participate in the funeral of my friend, colleague and occasional partner Rabbi Leonard Helman. Leonard and I would play together once a year and reached the finals of the LM Pairs each time. Leonard had put ...
Bridge in the Abattoir - which was the worst call?
OK, I think I recognize the deal, from a 1983 UK television series entitled Master Bridge. N was Rixi Marcus and S was Martin Hoffman, but I do not recall the E - W players. Perhaps Rose as E and Flint as W, based on my distinguished namesake's description. When ...
What is your bidding plan?
Looks suit-oriented to me. 1.
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: AKJ8x xx T AJ8xx
Four whole Clubs? How remarkably brave! Look at the suit-quality in the blacks, the "right" singleton, and the imp conditions and tell me you are willing to play this holding out of game. Partner's DBL is typically 5 = 5 in the unbid suits, with strength commensurate with the level ...
Cheating on BBO
Not to worry, RH; the miscreants were not from your country, although W - E (who were convicted 6 years ago) and P - S (who outed themselves) are. Perhaps you might study and analyze their results so that you can identify cheating when you see it. Did you miraculously retrieve the ...
Cheating on BBO
I do not consider LHO's choice of as evidence of wrongdoing (as I might had RHO held, say, QX. But the combination of passing what many consider an opening bid and following with an unusual choice of lead would get my attention and suggest getting the deal recorded ...
Cheating on BBO
Marion there was a time in my youthful Roth - Stone days, over 50 years ago, when that might have been an optional opening bid for some, mandatory for others, and a non-opener for still others. Today is different, of course, but if passing an opening bid never occurred to you ...
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