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Double of unusual 2NT
Steve, if the 2NT call came from North, I think that your putative 4=6 or even 5=6 would make a lot of sense. But it was South who entered a live auction. For all s/he knew, the opponents might be about to bid a game. That prompted ...
Double of unusual 2NT
Whoever is coaching these juniors might teach them that if we are going to introduce that Unusual 2NT (a widely-abused convention), the time to do it is at our first turn to speak. On the auction as presented, South's delayed entry allowed the opponents to locate a fit ...
How are people playing this Double these days?
Penalty. Dinosaur.
What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
I suppose playing W for QX does look better than trying to catch a short 10 offside. Granted that declarer in 1NT will tend to play W for Q on the slow pass; the distribution of the suit remains unknown, but QX on either side is still better. Thanks.
What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
Well, if everyone took all their tricks, E - W made 2 for +90. Had E remained silent, either declining to act on UI, or perhaps because that E holding does not merit entry over 1NT, they would have scored +100 for defeating 1NT a trick. Had N re-opened with ...
Ethical, questionable or cheating?
While ultimately voting 5, I seriously considered 4 as well. Nothing is quite so absolute as to preclude possible exceptions. While the Laws permit drawing inferences from opponents' mannerisms, while they are not allowed to deliberately mislead us through tempo, etc. we do so at our own risk. The case ...
What is double?
Penalty. Dinosaur.
Florian Alter's bidding problem: 95 Q52 A2 KQJ983
Calling 6 is certainly reasonable, especially since everything we hold is working. However, the call is still a calculated gamble. The imp odds feel about even, + or - 12 or 13 depending on whether we succeed, presuming the other table plays in game. There is also the possibility of inducing ...
Eugene Hung's bidding problem: 2 J2 6532 KJ6432
Some years ago, I did open 1NT, favorably vul., in 3rd position on such a holding. LHO overcalled a natural 2, partner, unaware and unable to take a joke, called 3. I alerted, and, when asked, explained that this showed without a stopper. RHO, with a ...
Liam O'Brien's bidding problem: KQ9 KT9 Q6543 Q3
I want to bid 4, but I will be unhappy passing 4M from partner. 3NT seems far fetched; even if we have a stopper, we will probably need 9 runners, and we are aceless. In evaluation, what we hold is a decent limit raise of 's. If ...
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