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Richard Pavlicek
Richard Pavlicek
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Member Since
Feb. 4, 2015
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April 21
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
1. Won a Women's Pairs; 2. Changed Jim Munday into a cat on BW; 3. Can't think of any more.
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ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Coffee-housing or MI?
I always wait until prompted by an opponent then add, "Oh, is that my trick?"
What Is Partner Showing?
I told you: 16-18. If that's "16+" in Bundy math I apologize, but Peter swears you can count to at least the mid-20s.
What Is Partner Showing?
I hope you mean he would cue 2D, as 2H should be a real suit (too strong to overcall but nonforcing).
What Is Partner Showing?
A 16-18 point raise (barring special agreements). If opener had bid over 1S, then almost any normal double with 4 spades.
Platinum Pairs Warm Up
Given line of play on Deal 2 is bad. Much better is to win club return with ace and lead HJ, not only to ensure nine but for overtricks as well.
Trick 2 decision and carding
CK seems clear. Crucial for down two if South has Qxxxxx x Kx Qxxx.
Is there a PROVEN best carding method?
Three years ago I did a study on standard vs. upside-down attitude ( and evidence showed what I've always believed, that standard is superior.
A Simple (I think!) Question
From the poll it seems I can only give count playing UDCA, so before playing the 4, I smack it on my forehead. (Playing with screens, of course I stand up first.)
Helgemo and Helness situation
An unfortunate situation. If only they had the foresight to open an account at PavCo Cayman.
Cheating Related Poll - Part I
Only one I trust is Eldad Ginossar. -Old Dad Dinosaur

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