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Richard Pavlicek
Richard Pavlicek
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Feb. 4, 2015
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10 minutes ago
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United States of America

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1. Won a Women's Pairs; 2. Changed Jim Munday into a cat on BW; 3. Can't think of any more.
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Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Does 2!d response to 1M ideally promise 5 !ds?
Other (from Jurassic Land): All two-over-one responses to a major show 5+ cards because 1NT (6-14) and 2NT (15+) are available for all other hands.
Lanzarotti in Monte-Carlo
Lanzarotti in Monte Carlo Mercedes in Barcelona Chevrolet in Daytona Clear favorites!
Nasty preempt
I agree with Timo! Rule #1: Never argue with anyone whose name çontains two çrazy letters.
Nasty preempt
After 3H, I'd make the same bid but give up on a magic grand. For example, take away the SQ or CQ and 6C is right. I don't like 4D because that should agree hearts. A case could be made for 3S (forcing), but how this would help ...
Nasty preempt
Negative double is routine start. Opener should bid 4H (extras) then 5NT (pick a slam) 6C; 7C.
Which Squeeze? #8
In hearts I'd like my chances for 13 tricks: SA, D10. If West ducks with 1=3=4=5 he's history.
Which Squeeze? #8
One hope to win 11 is to win the 2nd spade (pitching club), cross in hearts and lead a diamond to the 10 hoping East has the jack (West must duck) then DA, hearts effects a delayed-duck squeeze if West is 1=3=4=5. It seems a club shift ...
ACBL - Time to add new GLM Ranks?
@ Phil: Ooh! :) Most people give me some slack and settle for "Vile" But in a heartbeat I'd pick Jacq van Gelder's christening of my full name over 30 years ago: "Heil! VIP Cardrack"
ACBL - Time to add new GLM Ranks?
Yeah, the ACBL needs more ranks. Maybe "Grand Almighty Poobah" for Meckstroth, and leave out the "Almighty" for seniors like Hamman. Is it any surprise that Horn Lake anagrams to Rank Hole? And while we're at it, we need more masterpoint colors too.
Best line to make 6!D please, and why?
Interesting. I make Frances's line about 58 percent (75 percent of 3-2 trumps, and 25 percent of 4-1 trumps), and Henry's line about 48 percent. Of course I might be partial on this as I learned many years ago how keen she is. Hey, this thread might even ...

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