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Richard Pavlicek
Richard Pavlicek
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Feb. 4, 2015
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United States of America

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1. Won a Women's Pairs; 2. Changed Jim Munday into a cat on BW; 3. Can't think of any more.
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SK and a spade seems obvious. Looks like declarer misplayed.
Imaginary squeezes in the EYTC
The description I use for this kind of strip squeeze is "trim" (a term originated by Robert Frick). The essence is the victim's shape must be trimmed by the squeeze card(s) before being endplayed in a single suit. See endings #4 #5 #6 ...
Defensive Problem
Assuming declarer has six running clubs, partner has either Axx ATx KJTxxx x, or Kxx ATx AJTxxx x. With the first I'd lead a diamond; catching partner with DQ is surely the best chance to beat, and if declarer has AQ there's still hope to run a major ...
Bridge in Dehli?
"When I play bridge there, I usually order the pastrami on rye with a kosher pickle, and the turkey club sandwich is a favorite too..." Uh, Emily... that's _Delhi_, the city in India. "Oh! Never mind." (Fond memories of Gilda Radner)
Make Bridge Fun Again
I agree completely. One glass of Samantha's punch would not only make bridge alive again but, who knows, might revive Kharis better than tana leaves. Princess Bundy would then be in trouble, but if she waddled like Katy Sagal, even a mummy might have second thoughts.
Childcare at Las Vegas
Jules Verne had no foresight with "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." Every bridge player in America knows it should be 20,001.
Sweet textbook hand from Monday night
Apparently West foolishly ruffed the third club, allowing dummy access. Further, he must pitch a spade, then another if declarer sells the fourth club to East.
Carding Dilemma
No. Partner's antics are no different than slapping the S10 on his forehead. Slow, deliberate plays like this are made by the masses for one reason: to ensure partner's attention. Leading another spade might cure this slimeball with his diamond void.
How to get to 4S?
Would you make 4S? Suppose a heart lead, diamond to ace, club to king, heart (club pitch) ruff, club to ace, spade to ace. No play from there. I think you have to run the C10.
What kind of squeeze is this?
Curious coincidence, but I'll withhold opinion to remain neutral. Reese did name it, but British "vice" is equivalent to American "vise" (clamp) -- no relation to "vice" (corruption) -- though we retain the British spelling for the squeeze ending. Don't ask me why.

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