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Richard Whitehead
Richard Whitehead
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Feb. 6, 2011
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Silver Life Master
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2/1 GF
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2 over 1
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Bramley and Woolsey Lead LM Pairs
That's an impressive top 50. Especially impressive to be number one.
Hesitation Blackwood
Similar experience. I have never heard of Autowood. But I did once find myself in an auction where my partner had bid quite strongly, and I felt it safe to use 1430. Given the reply 03, it occurred to me that if it was zero, we weren't making 5 ...
David Burn's bidding problem: AQT72 A3 Q93 J72
With no agreed methods, 3 looks reasonable. It has to be natural and strong, and it's hard to believe partner can't find a sensible bid after that.
Director, Please
If it's maybe not natural and they have an agreement to that effect, then maybe (probably) they should alert it. And then if there's damage from the failure to alert, the TD can act on that basis. But having an agreement that the overcall may be "not natural ...
Double of Their Strong NT Opening
Against a strong NT, I like playing Lionel, where double is defined to be 11+hcp, 2- or 3-suited hand where one of the suits is spades. Advancer has the option to pass, converting the double for penalties, when holding 11+ himself. Usually he doesn't, but if he does ...
Trick 1 Pause, Platinum Pairs
I have one partner who frequently moves cards around in his hand when he is declarer. One card at a time. My usual task as dummy is to remind partner "no, you're in dummy", but with him, he almost always says "I know". So I've had to learn ...
A Director Call Protocol?
My understanding is that the person who calls the director gets to state their case first. Then the others can have their turn. And points of agreement/disagreement are identified. The director moderates this discussion (for want of a better word), keeping things (relatively) civil, and also asking questions of ...
4 Way Transfers with Range Ask
Almost any auction is a demonstration. 1N-2; 2-2N; is a raise to 2N that includes a 5-card spade suit. How do you do that without some convention (transfers being the simplest)?
Unusual over unusual
It's fine some of the time, but leads to UI problems in others. After 1H-(2N)-3D showing spades, what if Opener only has 5 hearts, but also doesn't like spades? Does a 3H bid here promise 6? Responder has no problem, because a prompt 3H promises 6 ...
Value of Support Doubles?
There are not a few situations where having a support double available is quite handy. The alternative nebulous "good hand" isn't very helpful, and as a penalty double it would virtually never come up. My partner and I play that support doubles are not (in theory) compulsory, as long ...

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