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Richard Willey
Richard Willey
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Jan. 21, 2011
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about me

My academic background is as a mathematical economist, focusing on game theory and mechanism design. I have a Masters in Economics from Indiana University and dual Masters in Management and Engineering from MIT.


For the last 20 years I have pretty much lived at the intersection of TCP/IP networking and mathematical modeling. I spent my first 10 years out of school working for various networking companies. For the last 10 years I have split my time between the MathWorks where I was the manager for MATLAB's statistics system and Akamai Technologies. I currently work with the Adversarial Resilience team at Akamai, focusing on event detection, capacity planning, and Transport Layer Security.


I don't have many real achievements in the world of bridge, though I am fairly well know on BBO (and earlier on OKB). Bridgewise, I am probably most proud of my MOSCITO notes (which I really need to finish one of these days)

United States of America

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Making 2HX vulnerable in a 3-3 fit after psyching during a "Montreal Relay" sequence and getting an aggressive raise from partner.
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Fantoni live on BBO
Lets try a very simple analogy: Description 1: The police officer shot and killed a 15 year old at a playground Description 2: The police officer shot and killed a 15 year old who was charging at him with a knife Both descriptions are true. However, I expect that people ...
Fantoni live on BBO
> I think so too. But we were not talking about that. > We were talking about not showing cheats in > vugraph. And you implied that showing them > is good for bridge. Once again, you are inventing claims Fred never implied that showing cheat's on Vugraph is good for bridge. Rather ...
Fantoni live on BBO
> I understand that in order not to be annoyed, you > expel from any discussion the "people who don't > bear any of the costs or need to do any of the > work". Good policy. I certainly can't claim credit for this concept... The Internet Engineering Task Force has long ...
Fantoni live on BBO
Paul, it's really annoying when people who don't bear any of the costs or need to do any of the work start explaining how "easy" something is. Let me try and give a practical example: How do you propose that BBO handle the case of the Doctors? Its ...
Hoffman v Coles - The Psych from Brd 19 Women's QF8 of 8 - 8/12/19 Australia
The ACBL's alert chart (circa 2012) specifically states that a natural and non forcing response to a two level opening bid is alertable
Fantoni live on BBO
> Richard, I make no claims of any kind. "BBO CHOOSE to show Fantoni. BBO didn't had to (as per your example) but CHOOSE to show him anyway" is not the same as "they chose to leave it open for cheaters to show off"
Fantoni live on BBO
Pretty much. You need to ask BBO to get added to the list of Tournament Directors, however, once you're been added you can do what you want
Fantoni live on BBO
> I don't believe that is true. The vugraph is "open" only > because the BBO management allows it to be open. > BBO is privately owned and can do whatever it wants > to do, period. > If they choose to leave it open for cheaters to show > off, that's worth complaining ...
Fantoni live on BBO
> BBO CHOOSE to show Fantoni. BBO didn't had to > (as per your example) but CHOOSE to show > him anyway. "BBO" did not make any such decision. Rather, someone used the platform that BBO provided to broadcast this content.
Fantoni live on BBO
> OK, Richard, some used the platform. But which > platform permits to be used with no limits and/or > boundaries Any platform that wants common carrier status... Historically, here in the US folks differentiated between platform that had common carrier status and those that did not. Common carriers were required to ...

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