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Richard Wimberley
Richard Wimberley
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June 19, 2010
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July 3
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Bridge Player
about me

Currently living outside of Augusta, GA, but have lived in Singapore, Taiwan, Maryland and Washington state. Is it any wonder I play mostly on BBO?


United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
3 hands with Fred Gitelman in the early days of BridgeBase
Bridge Accomplishments
becoming a yellow host on BBO; third place in my first national event (just the Bean Red Ribbon, Chicago 2015)
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Favorite Tournaments
ACBL speedballs on BBO
Favorite Conventions
whatever partner's favorites are :)
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Bronze Life Master
2/1 and some gadgetry
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SF Online Robot NABC Event - Day 3
I too appreciate the reports. The brief thoughts about how a bad stretch happens mirror ideas I have considered (and have not yet figured out how to avoid, either).
ACBL Fall National Viewgraph?
Having done this, I concur. The perspective you obtain from handling a VuGraph session is valuable, and certainly helps you appreciate those that provide such a service even more. You're in a room with some of the best players in the world, which, in and of itself, is a ...
BB QF USA1 vs. BULGARIA Session 2
The Bulgarian auction on board 27 was like the description of Meckwell's auction on 26. The Vugraph operator said every bid was alerted, but he or she had no idea what anything meant...
Where did you learn to play bridge?
I tried to read the bridge column in the newspaper when I was much younger. All I learned was that I did not want to be West, since it seemed like that seat never got any good cards. :) Fortunately, there were other ways to learn the game, and I had ...
Do they like my $ at BBO?
BBO typically does not make any changes when ACBL national tourneys are occurring, since a fair number of the staff are there instead.
Article about AI vs. Humans
If I recall correctly, Michael won; Bart Bramley was second, and Eric Rodwell third. I have no idea why I know this...
In the Well: Justin Lall
The introduction says your favorite partner is your father. Did he do anything that you recall to get you interested in bridge? I have a 16 year old who loves games, but there has been nothing I can say or do to get her interested in bridge. Of course, your ...
In the Well: Eric Rodwell
Hi Eric, You mentioned above the need to get "significant help" from the opponents to win pair games. Do you have any advice for less than expert, shall we say, players on anything they can do at the table to get that help?
NICKELL Narrowly Wins 62-Board Semi Final
The same boards were played in both semifinal matches, so board 64 would have been the same one as the one from the Monaco-Cayne match, available through the BridgeBase Vugraph archive. At one table in that match, Helgemo played 4S+1, while at the other Duboin played 5Hx making, after ...
In the Well: Bob Hamman
How frequently, if at all, do you think about your many bridge successes? How do those compare to your memories of your family, or your business?

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