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Rick Eissenstat
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Dec. 22, 2010
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Jan. 8
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Say No To Cheats
Cheating is rampant in online bridge, particularly tourneys. Are signers also going to refuse to play online bridge?
ACBL Big Ideas - Augmenting Rank/Point Structure
LO Wins Roth Swiss
congrats. at this point Beth deserves Bridge Hall of Fame
Degrees of Cheating
Bring back Gabrielle
Degrees of Cheating
Given your distinction between first and second degree cheating, when Fredin says that the play in question is as "discusting" as anything he's seen in the last couple of months, he can mean one of two things: 1. he is as disgusted by possible second degree cheating as he ...
Reisinger final round
I apologize for singling out Mr. Fredin in my objection to Bridgewinners allowing accusations like Mr. Andersson's posts. It is a bridge question whether Zatorski took advantage of UI. Accusing the pair of collusive cheating is not just "a huge overbid"; it should not be allowed.
Reisinger final round
As I understand it, the above Fredin comment is accusing Zatorski-Pachtmann of knowingly cheating (as discusting to see as anything else the last couple of months (sic)). I don't understand why this comment has 16 likes, and I don't understand why Bridgewinners allowed it.
Mr. Jones. Your tone is amazing to me. The first hit I got when I searched Mr.Wolkowitz's name was his listing on a USBF team. Yet you dismiss his bridge ability as "someone with 1500 masterpoints". It is reasonable to defend your staff's initial concern about a ...
Where Do We Go From Here?
I also agree with most of the article, but disagree on the punishment section. There are at least three options on convicting cheaters. Here are some suggestions for the appropriate punishment for each. 1. Videotape proof of collusion beyond a reasonable doubt. Lifetime ban is appropriate 2. A majority (or ...
Sabrina Miles's bidding problem: A43 KQ8 AQT6 953
4d has a huge advantage. it can help you find the grand: 1h 2d 3s 4d 4h 4s and you've cue bid your spade and told partner what you need.

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