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Robert Blanchard
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Sept. 18, 2011
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Dec. 4, 2019
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Robert Blanchard is the President of World Bridge Productions, Inc., a company that ran the Cavendish Invitational from 1997 to 2011.

United States of America

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A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
Joel I agree this is crucial and it duplicates the process in place. The primary reason for talking at the table is to ask further questions at the table when an explanation is given. But as time develops each pair will have FAQs available that have been answered on many ...
Why do major players cheat?
I have removed this comment Pending wether or not FS played together in Juniors 2010
Why do major players cheat?
Marty i offer two videos. scroll to 7 minutes and Then Eight minutes in FS at eight minutes FN at seven minutes then an interview with Lotan Fisher Assuming THE ACCUSED FN ...
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
Helen Is software like this available? It may very well address some of the Naysayers issues!
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
Al This is good news! I think we have many High level players who are willing to put forward (and already have) their help in a project like this. As a temporary solution (perhaps there will be better solutions) This may help secure the game and instill more confidence in ...
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
Al Do you think this is a 10/20 year process (to experiment with a few tables say round of 4 or round of 8) ? Are there any other suggestions to help "secure" the game that you know of and would be willing to share?
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
Al Nice to see you weigh in on the discussion. The proposal is not on "electronic Bridge" for all of Bridge. The proposal is limited to the Last few rounds of Major events. The last 15 years (based on the future findings of the WBF and NBO) may well have ...
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
Eric As one of the players who "might" be using a system like this your input is extremely valuable. No new technology can survive which is "uncomfortable " to use. The input that has come from the discussions has been invaluable and I am hoping that as the various NBo's ...
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
Eric Sorry for a slow response. To answer this fully I would like to have my team (BMI team) look at your suggestions closely. I WILL GIVE IT A GO IN CAPS (ONLY TO SET ASIDE THE ANSWERS PROPERLY) Bob, if it were inevitable that this idea were to be ...
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
JM In no way was this directed to you or anyone else in particular ! I have played with you and against you on many occasions over almost 35 years if the world of Bridge was made up of players like yourself and Eric it would be a more friendly place ...

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