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Robert Ellison
Robert Ellison
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Feb. 8, 2015
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Feb. 16
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Bridge Player
about me

Originally from New Mexico.  Graduate of University of Texas and have lived in the southwestern part of the United States most of my life.  Now living in exile in Wichita, Kansas.  My cat, "Sammie" was rescued from a shelter.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Recently played at the Circolo del Bridge di Firenze while on trip to Tuscany and had a wonderful time. Thank you Italy!
Bridge Accomplishments
Regular Bridge Partners
Gina Austin Fresh
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Unit 132 (Wichita)
Favorite Tournaments
Chicago NABC, Albuquerque
Favorite Conventions
Limit Raises all the time!
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ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Ten Seconds
Having the card “on the table” or “available?” At our club the card is usually placed face up in front of the owner where he/she can see it. I got into an ugly spat with our 10,000 masterpoint “expert” when I asked his partner to please stop referring ...
ACBL focuses on college students
If you are planning to use BBO in the student union you should find out if the university blocks "game" sites.
I love Flannery (I'm serious)
Do the 1 and 1NT responses to 1 require an alert when playing Flannery?
Cheating in Low Places by Mel Colchamiro
I did just make a grilled-cheese sandwich. That might work...
Cheating in Low Places by Mel Colchamiro
I've been rereading this article and the idea occurs that maybe we need to add a UI card to the box. If a player believes UI might be present instead of saying anything he can put the UI card on the table. That act would definitely put the partner ...
May you bid after partner's hesitation
I would not say "partner has barred me," only that I don't feel that i have a bid once I have UI
Responsive Doubles
Discussing 1M (X) 2M (2NT) vs 1M (X) 2M (X) with my partner with some confusion. What would these auctions show?
Negative Freebids
Ranier and Michael agree the 1m (1)3 sequence should be GF, but I'm struggling to see how an invitational hand with a heart suit is to be bid if a negative double followed by 3 is GF with 5-hearts. We have a bid for the ...
Odds of number in a suit when pard opens a short club
Do you need to include the 8, 9 or 10 and longer club suits in your simulation? Those hands would not typically be opened 1 club, although that is possible. It seems like the sample space of possible answers should be restricted.
Becoming a life master
The author of the article in the Bulletin is focused solely on obtaining gold points, not becoming a better player. Having to play "up" against better players is an obstacle to the goal of getting gold points.

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