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Robert I. Eachus
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Dec. 9, 2011
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July 10, 2019
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about me

Played a lot of tournament bridge in the late 60s early 70s before I got married, then family life crowded it out.  Now retired with grown children, so I can play seriously again.

United States of America

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Silver Life Master
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Although I have a Master's in statistics, at the table I am more of a table presence player than straight statistics. A 'twitch' by an opponent at a certain point can change my line of play. On this hand I pretty much agree with Barry, with a few observations ...
Robert I. Eachus's bidding problem: AQJ82 4 97 T9742
I probably should have gotten back to this earlier but I was working on other things. Partner's hand was: K KQ1063 AKQJ104 A The East and West hands were relatively flat, so 6NT, 6 and 6 were all making contracts. There is sort of no real wrong ...
ATB missed grand
I don't care if 4H or 4S is the right way to hand off to partner (East). I think, in general, the choice is system dependent. In fact, as I originally learned cue bidding, 4H indicates first or second round control in any skipped over suits. (Clubs and Diamonds ...
ATB missed grand
Can you explain more about transfers over 1C? Sounds like an excellent idea.
ATB missed grand
Yep. I agree that it is counterintuitive. Yes, I do like to play that 3NT doesn't deny spades, but does prevent partner from bidding 4NT as Blackwood. (4C as Gerber? Fine. It lets partner sign off in 4S.) The point here is one that I have heard called 3Ntricks ...
ATB missed grand
Four spades at this point has to be Sherlock Holmes's dog that did nothing in the night. With controls in one or two side suits, West should cue bid. East is totally unlimited, West has made a narrow limiting bid. Four spades should agree spades as a trump suilt--at ...
ATB missed grand
I said something a bit confusing here. If EAST gets to bid Blackwood with Spades as trump, then any outside King in response to 5NT adds to his Club King for 13 tricks. Once WEST bid 4 Clubs it is going to be very difficult for either player to count ...
ATB missed grand
Agreed. After many a post-mortem I've concluded that cue-bidding THEN bidding some version of Blackwood only leads to bad results. Making a cue bid that lets partner do the asking is good bridge. Here, 4C almost requires partner to lie. Showing a singleton Heart does solve that problem for ...
ATB missed grand
Anyway, did responder promise 6 spades with 3♠? Yes. New Minor Forcing shows five spades. That it is forcing to game is no big deal on this auction. Almost any agreement on second bids by responder here gets you to game. A new suit is forcing. 3S shows six or ...
ATB missed grand
I don't think it is in range. It is too good. I don't just blindly trust to Work (4-3-2-1) point count. This hand has 4 1/2 quick tricks or 5 of 8 controls whichever you prefer. It will also improve even further if partner has 4 hearts ...
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