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Robert Schachter
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April 29, 2014
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March 27, 2017
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Odds on to make?
Don't you lose on the three 98x cases by running the jack?
Conditional probabilities and Bayes' Theorem
Right I did not see East would be squeezed when he has Jxxx and Kxxxx in the minors
Conditional probabilities and Bayes' Theorem
I just realized that West cannot have xx and xxxx Since East is squeezed. So you are correct in the first problem too.
Conditional probabilities and Bayes' Theorem
The 3/5 answer is correct on the last problem. The first problem eliminates West from having Kxx so the odds for finessing go up.
Conditional probabilities and Bayes' Theorem
I come up with 9/13 in favor of finessing on the first 7NT hand , the one with KQTx of diamonds. Calculated as follows: #of ways. West has Jxx in times the # of ways he can hold clubs divided by # of ways West has Jxx times # of ways ...
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: K QJT8765 K A865
We play flannery
Great sportsmanship at the senior trials
What about this hypothetical? You are declarer playing a suit with eight pieces between you and dummy. Both defenders follow to two rounds, On the third round both discard. Is it good sportsmanship to point out that someone needs to follow before the trick is turned? Is it bad sportsmanship ...
Only Chance
Do you think it is a positive or a negative allowing the opponents to come cheaply when you have a 2NT opener?
Best line to make 7 diamonds
That's a good point about xx. I had not realized that. That's three more cases that fail making it 12/18 instead of 15/18. Dummy needs the six instead of the three to make my computation correct.
Best line to make 7 diamonds
Maybe I'm confused but, If south has say Jx and you pull one trump why can't you overruff after the third heart and then finesse? I see that you say south should not lead from Jx or 10x but, I'm not sure why you say that? If ...

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