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Robert Schachter
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Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
What should East bid at his second turn?
Over 3m-3NT- pass - do you play any special methods?
Thanks everyone for the comments
How would you try to win a 28-board match by 77 IMPs?
Different signaling methods and leads too.
A Simple Question
I think drawing the line where one should claim or concede, versus playing on, is tricky.I believe playing for the revoke as your only chance is past the line but I could be wrong in my view. Obviously one factor might be clock.
A Simple Question
Isn’t the only real difference between conceding and claiming the magnitude of the gain or loss?
A Simple Question
I guess if a revoke is truly your only chance, which is not always easy to see, then I think it is probably inappropriate, though maybe not wrong, to force the opponents to play out the hand.
A Simple Question
Isn’t bridge usually a timed event? Shouldn’t there be some cases where a concession is appropriate.
Those Pesky Opps
That is true but you can switch J for a small spade in the EW hands so West point count is reduced.
Those Pesky Opps
Give West KJTx,KJxx,xx,Kxx and East the J and the result would be -470. Still even if you think the opponents are a favorite to make double might be right since if the TO double was unusual, hard to know at the table, it is important to increase ...
Routine strip squeeze, found by few
Did he ever make mistakes. It would seem easy to have errors of omission. Anyway it seems very impressive!

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