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Robert Schachter
Robert Schachter
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Feb. 26, 2014
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Table Math
How randomly would an expert east play his spade spots with 876, ST876 , H876 or H86. If it is not random should that affect the analysis especially if let us say the eight was thrown? Also if east is 2=4=2=5 with Hx wouldn’t he have pitched ...
Andy Caranicas's lead problem: 74 Q2 7632 A9532
I was thinking 4 was a splinter? It doesn’t say that though.
Andy Caranicas's lead problem: 74 Q2 7632 A9532
What would the thirteen tricks be?
Ed Spear's bidding problem: JT9x AK xxx KT9x
I think a lot this depends on whether partner fits clubs. KQxxx, xxx, xx, AQx gives a very good play for game but, switching the minors and three spades is in danger though four could still make.
Ax opposite KQTxx
Phillip Martin had a good article on this type of situation.
Who made the worst bid (if any)
Just out of curiousity why did the contract go down only one was the K Singleton?
Robert Schachter's lead problem: AKT75 865 Q3 K93
Yes, while I too led a spade the winning lead was a low spade. Declarer’s hand was x QJ9xx AKxxx AQ dummy had xx AT Txxxx xxxx I do not think a layout like this requiring a small spade is that far fetched.
Robert Schachter's lead problem: A73 KT K7632 763
I apologize for the mishap.
Delicate Probe
Oh that is embarrassing
Delicate Probe
South would have one more spade so three instead of two? Though you are right and it doesn’t really help.

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