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Robert Sheehan
Robert Sheehan
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May 9, 2011
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Oct. 13, 2018
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bridge player

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Geoffrey Breskal
Geoffrey was wonderfully quick-witted. On one occasion at rubber bridge he was playing against a notorious peeper. As he picked up his cards to sort them, he said to the peeper 'Do you mind if I look at them first?'. He will be much missed,
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
The famous 21/1 on The betting site Las Vegas Sports Consultants (LVSC) produced an article in the late 80s advising bookmakers as to what sports to lay. (Incidentally, punters do not ‘lay’ a bet, an irritating mistake frequently seen in UK newspapers – punters ‘bet’ or ‘make’ a bet, bookmakers ...
Worst bids ever? Best bids ever?
Yes, commenting 'I didn't think you'd have a second suit', the sort of smart-arse comment I hope I no longer would make.
Worst bids ever? Best bids ever?
Thanks to D Carlisle for resurrecting this hand. I think my partner was either Milford or Cansino, not Rose.
True North American Championships Coming
Thanks Gary
True North American Championships Coming
In I think the early 70s the ACBL did change the Nationals rules to bar those not qualified to play for the USA from playing in the main team events. I wrote a letter to the Bridge World at the time, putting the case for allowing the non-USA players to ...
Kantar Wins 2017 Lazard Sportsmanship Award
Hi Eddie. I think you should also have a paddle tennis and tennis award. Also a backgammon award for getting the most men on a single point! We miss you in England. Lots of love Penny Well deserved, if only for your patience with Cansino and me, when the Cansino ...
Shireen Mohandes's lead problem: 8 AKQ542 KQ92 74
DK. I expect LHO has clubs.
The hot bridge gift of 1932 - just $25 - do you have one in the attic?
Most interesting
Who is the slowest player ever; Zimmerman?
I was playing in the £30 game at TGRs with I think Hallberg, Mailinovski and possibly James Vogl, while the European Championships were on. Steve Egginton('Eggy') was watching on BBO, where Robson was declaring a contract, and was also kibbitzing our game. Eggy said we were playing too slowly ...

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