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What is 1!C - (1!S) - 2!S?
I like your treatment of 1N, but th emerits of 2 escape me.. perhaps you play that 1 may be a two card suit in a balanced hand?
What is 1!C - (1!S) - 2!S?
This contention: "2 is never going to but the contract", may be true, but irrelevant. The side who first, in a competitive auction, establishes a fit and limits its hand has the advantage. I am not in the camp that a 1 opening guarantees absolutely nothing, which doubtless ...
Common Game Tuesday 12 February Deal 14
Your over-complicating was of smaller magnitude than others' over-simplifying.
Common Game Tuesday 12 February Deal 14
So it's just a simple strip squeeze then? No. I found it diverting even if others did not.
Common Game Tuesday 12 February Deal 14
Well declarer had better not play a too early and the combinations in two potential tenaces is unusual. And the club spots need handling. Edit: And, I believe, on certain lines both opponents are squeezed, that against E being the non-material variety.
Common Game Tuesday 12 February Deal 14
Unusual hand. Not a theme I remember ever seeing.
To bid or not to bid?
Richard, I hope you realise that I agree with you. My last sentence in my penultimate comment does not scan very well.
To bid or not to bid?
I should clarify. I think that bidding 3 is no more than a 50% action and would rule against it in commitee. Double by opener does not promise four card support; does not promise a singleton ; does not promise extra values. AKxxx Jxx xx Axx is completely normal ...
To bid or not to bid?
Good of David to include the J in AKxxx Jx x AQxxx? What would I bid? I don't know because I would have opened 1, but then again I play card majors, so 1 for me actually means something. I totally disagree that bidding 3 now ...
Strong Hand
BTW There is much to be said for playing that after 2-2 (neg, not waiting) that opener's bids of 2N and 3 are xfers; 2-2-2 is just a relay; jumps by opener are two suited. Lots of details..too many for this posting ...

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