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ATB - Wrong Spot
The hand you bid on is balanced. it remains balanced regardless of partner's hand. And if 5 is making then 3 x is certainly going for a pair or three And if he has 4 and a singleton then possibly, just possibly, he would bid again ...
ATB - Wrong Spot
No, you are not alone. And certain commentators, having had their bid validated by partner raising, now think North should have driven to five. I can only shake my head.
ATB - Wrong Spot
Luc bids on an eight loser balanced hand, then when partner validates the bid, dreams up some high card maximum for South with nearly a perfect fit (note the clever way that the red queen is in not so that the second ruff with a small ...
Who bid wrongly?
Let's see. I have a four card suit to the jack, and an eight card suit to four of the five tops. Difficult.
Bidding problem What is your guess?
I don't quarrel with 3 if you have such an agreement. But I am very leery of these so-called solutions which don't cover all cases. Ax AQx AKxxxxx x. Partner bids . And now?
Bidding problem What is your guess?
Yes, Isn't that a close approximation to what I have? I submit that it is a closer approximation than the ghastly 2 reverse.
Couldn't Walk the Dog.. They Closed the door
The trouble is that the reward is too paltry. Reverse the vulnerability and you may be in business. I agree that game is no given. The strength is overkill, and partner needs aces or strong for it to be good.
Bidding problem What is your guess?
Yes, he will probably let you play , and, no, he will never figure it out.
Some interesting and difficult boards in Germany
Luc. To answer your question: no, I don't think (it is a "huge" problem). Rainer summarises my thoughts perfectly. And, Martin, does it "guarantee" four or more ?
Bidding problem What is your guess?
I dispute that contention. A reverse was not even forcing for the vast rank and file, and many, perhaps most, experts also.

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