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April 7, 2013
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ATB after pre-empt
There's another name for it at matchpoints.
ATB after pre-empt
Richrd, the fit is not guaranteed by any means. We are living in a world where all kinds of undisciplined 6 card preempts are occuring. Doubles are being used more and more frequently. The accent is almost always on majors. And the 7hcp was not random, but 7 useful hcp ...
ATB after pre-empt
Yeah, we need a convention for that.
ATB after pre-empt
preempt not raised, no: but let's assume partner's singleton anyway? Edit: and BTW trumps 22 or 33 are not both available. You will have to decide on one or the other after a lead and continuation.
ATB after pre-empt
Yes, "even" I would Kieran. And "even" you might go down opposite x Qxxx Axxx AKJx. Putting all the minor honors in the perfect location proves nothing.
ATB after pre-empt
Agree with Richard. The rule of thumb is that the responder to the double should discount the first 8 hcp or so. North has more than that, given the 6 card suit... but it is a minor. The assertion that near-minimums with a singleton making for a cold slam ...
ATB after pre-empt
Disagree. I believe 5 will go down more often than it makes. Whether it is better than the canonical 35% or so for a vul game is not clear. As against that it will sometimes be doubled and down a couple. Edit: down more often than it makes assuming ...
ATB after pre-empt
I lead a Edit: In fact, no I'll go easy on declarer. I will lead two rounds of .
Line in 6C
I am quite sure that cashing two rounds of cannot be right. You are far from home even when everyone follows. If the lead is honest (a big "if" perhaps) then a decent line might be to win K, cash AK, cash AK and ruff a low. If ...
Paul's comment may have a note of facetiousness, as did my response, but the action is shrewd. It is fairly clear that EW are likely to make whatever they bid, and that South's hand is too flat for a really profitable sacrifice. Bidding gives both E and W ...

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