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Roberto Barbosa
Roberto Barbosa
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Dec. 16, 2010
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April 1
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Bridge Player

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brazilian team trials champion 2012, brazillian teams champion 2004/2005, south american junior teams champion 2004
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Rio de Janeiro Bridge Club
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How do we get to the !@#$% NT game?
Where can we find this read?
How do we get to the !@#$% NT game?
I understand that there is some gain when you raise with 3 cards, but sometimes all you need is a Natural auction as 1-1;2-2NT;3NT. IMO if you are in the slam zone, raising with almost all 3-card hands with a singleton or a low doubleton ...
Suggestions on books on probability calculation
If you looking for advanced stuff, Bridge, Probability & Information by Robert MacKinnon is a good choice. If you want to keep it simple, Kelsey's Bridge Odds For Practical Players is excellent.
WBF alerting policy on doubles without screen
Doubles that shows specifically a meaning should be alerted. Like 1m (1) dbl showing 4 or support dbl or 1NT (P) 3NT dbl for a (or any specific) lead. Dbls for takeout (t/o, values, invitational) or penalty (pure, coop) should not be alerted.
Poll on bidding restrictions around HUM, Brown/Red sticker classifications, etc.
How about polish style from the eighties? Pass with 13+, opening 1M with either 0-2 cards or 5+ cars in the suit bid... You can't double a pass and for sure you don't have any cuebid once opps suits is either short or long....
Poll on bidding restrictions around HUM, Brown/Red sticker classifications, etc.
I believe to be impossible to play a regular pairs session with unrestricted conventions. How much time would be spent just to understand the opps system and discuss a proper defense with partner? However in a long match (12+ boards) that you have full disclosure of opps system before hand ...
Women’s Pairs Also Decided by “BridgeMate Top”
WBF seems to be failing hard when handling technology. At the same time that the players are not allowed to carry their smartphones into the playing site (for obvious reasons, of course), the infrastructure (CoC, few printers, few minutes between sessions) encourages you to check the results online. "Good luck ...
Piekarek-Smirnov Sentence
Bridge players have a much longer career than any athlete in physical sports, therefore if you think in % of total career, 10 years in bridge would be roughly equal to 1 year in physical sports. Another point in a favor of a longer punishment is that when you are talking ...
ACBL - Reisinger Live Videos - Q&A
Hi Marcin, nice work! Is it possible to add to the display the total number of tricks that each side have? Thanks!
Schwartz Wins Open BAM
Do you think it is a coincidence that team #7 in all sections have a good result?

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