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Robin Barker
Robin Barker
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May 9, 2012
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about me

Started playing bridge at Cambridge University in the 1980s.  Started directing at national level (EBU) in the 1990s.  Some directing at zonal level (EBL) in 2000s.  Now (2010s) National TD for EBU and still playing: mainly in teams knockout competitions.

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Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: AK9 K86542 JT6 8
> and no embarrassing rebid problem ... except this one?
WBF Commentary on the 2017 Laws
I think upper limits to strength are less significant the lower limits.
Failure to announce
Whether or not 1 is announced, I ask before calling on the second round.
Is this AI or UI?
If 2 was a major penalty card, it would have to be led immediately. Declarer has no option. Declarer's option would be to prevent the other defender from leading hearts if the 2 were a major penalty card.
What are the ruling principles here?
> What are the ruling principles here? The relevant principles (from WBF screen regulations) (e) When a player takes more than a normal time to make his call, it is not an infraction if he draws attention to the break in tempo. His screenmate, however, shall not do so. (f) If ...
Frivolous play ruling
West is not the issue, the issue is the other North/South's who did not get to score +3800 (or whatever). I do not think Law 72 should lead to score adjustments but to sanction by the Tournament Organiser after the event. In this case, the result of the ...
Am I allowed to bid ?
> It is UI to South that West has a take-out double of a weak 2♦ overcall. But it is not UI *from partner*, so not subject to Law 16B (or Law 73C). It is not clear to me that it subject to Law 16D but the recipient had informed the ...
Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: KQJ76 --- KJT9876 J
What does West's Pass (instead of 2) show? Asks partner to pick a suit, probably a major, at the one level (?)
Zero Tolerance Card in Club Games
Happy Christmas
Zero Tolerance Card in Club Games
Bah Humbug!

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