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Robin Hillyard
Robin Hillyard
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Jan. 4, 2013
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about me

Learned bridge in the US so, despite my Britishness, I don't know Acol. Took almost 20 years off. I am more of a theoretician/teacher than an expert proponent. For some reason (probably because I don't think fast enough), I don't always make such good decisions at the table as I can in the post-mortem. Many of my observations and thoughts end up in my blog (see website in my profile). In real life, I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and I am an Associate Teaching Professor at Northeastern University in Boston.

I'm also a musician (bassoonist) and yes, people, music always outranks bridge. Sorry.

I have a bridge-playing wife (Kim) who is a very popular and successful bridge teacher, a 17-yr-old son (CJ)--who no longer plays bridge because it isn't cool--and two grown-up non-bridge-playing kids. I can (rarely) be found directing bridge games.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Honolulu 2004. We had been in HI for ten days so had a big advantage over the East-coasters who had just arrived. Entered LM pairs for the first time ever. Terrible first session (42%). Decided to have wine with dinner (how could it hurt?). Got (double) section top in second session and qualified for second day (but didn't distinguish ourselves then).
Bridge Accomplishments
Four regional, open, two-session wins (three pairs and one Swiss), most recently at Warwick, RI 2019; various open sectional wins.
Regular Bridge Partners
Dan Jablonski, Ethan Wood, Harrison Luba, Kim Gilman, Barry Margolin, Alan Frank,Peter Matthews.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
The Bridge Spot, Newton Bridge Club (MA)
Favorite Tournaments
Warwick, RI; Nashua NH; NABCs.
Favorite Conventions
Fit-showing jumps, XYZ, splinters (including splimits), cooperative doubles
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
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Christopher Donnelly's bidding problem: QJT5 AT9 K87 AKJ
You are licking your chops!
Gerber: Is it Even Worth It?
My understanding from your question, as posed, was about Gerber. Not key-card Gerber. I assume that if you had wanted to generalize to key-card Gerber, you'd have said so.
1NT-4!s: What is “expert standard” (if anything)?
But, presumably, responder can raise 5m to 6m with an appropriate hand.
Ethan Wood's bidding problem: A9 T975 KT2 KQ97
Doesn’t “choice of slams” imply at least two possible strains that have been previously mentioned? Here, we have one strain: NT. as the 7NT bidder I admit to having a small stake in this discussion ;)
What are the Odds?
Most of these sorts of probabilities are listed in the Wikipedia page ( where it also gives the answer as 0.000056.
BBO Disaster
I think West forgot the golden rule of slam bidding. When your side has no obvious fit and/or your auction seems to have gone off the rails and/or the opponents have been in the auction and it's possible they've gone off the rails--any jump to the ...
Restricted Choice vs. Ab initio probabilty
You (and, as usual, Kit) nailed it.
Restricted Choice vs. Ab initio probabilty
What you meant to say, and maybe I was being a bit pedantic, was to ignore the vacant space inferences from the diamond suit. Fair enough. But I will still point out that the entire table of suit combinations is based on vacant places. I'm not convinced that the ...
How bad can those Precision openers be?
Vulnerability makes a huge difference here. To me, B is a no-brainer because we are white and we have a chance to grab the 1NT card before anyone else. A and C are just balanced vulnerable 11s without much going for them. They are woefully short of sufficient Zar points ...
Responsibility for missed slam
4321 works pretty well for balanced hands. I think downgrading before the opening bid is too soon. East's bidding seems inconsistent to me. He downgrades at first but then, when it appears that the hand will be played in a suit (where QJ really does deserve to be downgraded ...

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