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Roger Miller
Roger Miller
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Feb. 21, 2011
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Jan. 3
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Bridge Player
about me

Started playing in 2003.

Met my wife playing bridge Smile

Software developer (retired) in the Denver area.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
One of my favorite memories was winning an evening swiss at the Las Vegas regional. My wife and I had about 3000 points between us, and we were playing with my dad and step-mom who had about 220 between them. In the final round, we played a team with over 40,000 masterpoints and beat them by 1 IMP to win the event!
Regular Bridge Partners
my wife (Patty)
Favorite Tournaments
Palm Springs regional
Favorite Conventions
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Scott Needham
2 over 1
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Roger Miller's lead problem: AQxxx AJT92 x xx
When I was first given this hand, I said I would lead a heart. But as I thought more about it, I think a spade is better. Give declarer K-J-x in spades, and partner a minor suit entry, and you should have an easy set. It is probably a harder ...
Roger Miller's bidding problem: xxx xxx AKQ AKQT
They would transfer, certainly. And with that example hand, 2 might even be a struggle. But change that J to the A, and 4 looks pretty good.
Steve Moese's bidding problem: AJT932 --- QJ2 A765
Bidding a help suit 3. If I get a return try in , I'll bid game. If I get 3 or 3, I'll give up on game.
Roger Miller's bidding problem: xxx xxx AKQ AKQT
Jack - Yes, this was the other hand in the post you reference ( I had planned to do a couple of different polls to better understand the LAs and UI with regard to this issue, and your post reminded me of the hand ...
Roger Miller's bidding problem: xxx xxx AKQ AKQT
Well, partner can probably provide some spade tricks, no?
D11 Wins 2015 GNT Flight B - 5 (of 6) Bridge Winners!!!
Congratulations Darin (and the others on the team I haven't met)! And congratulations also to my friends from D17 for getting to the finals!
This seems like it would make a good letter to the editor of Bridge Bulletin. I've really enjoyed many of your recent posts, Peg. Thanks!
Roger Miller's bidding problem: Q7 KJT853 Q3 962
I like that treatment Josh. So a 4=3=5=1 15 count should double? What about a 3=3=6=1? I should probably post opener's hand in another poll
Roger Miller's bidding problem: Q7 KJT853 Q3 962
@Nikos: I would probably tend to play the 2 (and then 3) bidder for one or two of those cards. @Ben: Do you play that double the only way opener can show extras?
Fun little play problem
Funny how your perspective changes after reading other comments and looking at the problem again... I apologize - I thought there was more information available than there is at this point in the play. (But I was looking at a hand record at the time...) I edited the problem to not ...

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