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Roger Pennell
Roger Pennell
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May 10, 2011
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Jan. 16
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Bridge Player

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Gold Life Master
Roger Pennell Jim LaForce
2 over 1
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RKC Queen-Ask => 5NT ?
That's the way I've always played it, having never read EK's book.
Best bridge advice ever:
I boosted my 10 pts way up to 16+ playing there 1968-1971. Wonder if the game is still there.
Precision 1!C opener’s 1N Rebid - What’s Legal
How about std 1N rebids? If I had to open 1D to rebid 2C over a 1H response with AJT x QJxx KJxxx I'd give up the game.
What are your pet peeves?
Margaret. You seem to have an unusually large number of pets. One you mention is mine as well, the guy in our club, habitual coffee drinker who shoves his bid box forward to put his cup on the corner so as to not use any of his space, while limiting ...
How do you play this double?
I doubt if W cares what kind of double this is; maybe the "?" needs to be for N. But, who would bid like this? To show too weak to enjoy the tactical advantage of a 1 overcall? This opponent is asking to be doubled. Hope I'm 4-4 in ...
Passing a redouble
Pass is clearly for play at any level. If 4=3=3=3 zero count, must start with s and hope to scramble to an undoubled spot.
1M-p-2M-p- invitation?
After a raise to two, with 6 losers, the hand is a game try at MP and game at IMPs. In my partnerships the simple raise shows 9L or compensating values. Sum of our losers from 19 yields odd tricks, but yields an aggressive count, ergo the adjustment for form ...
After 1S, ?
My ex wife ran into the same road block. After multiple attempts decided I best move on.
Continuation after minor suit reverse
I believe this is or was Bridge World Std.
Bidding grand at the club
In my club bidding all but the most pedestrian slams is worth at least 70%, so I could not justify bidding a grand (on an expected MP basis) unless I knew it was cold, or virtually cold.

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