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Roger Pewick
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Cuebid or natural?
I interpret calls according to agreements. For instance for my agreement, the subject 3C says nothing about clubs, and expects pard to bid on (ensure further bidding) considering his resources. Given the failure to OC there might be an inference of a concentration of club strength that made an OC ...
A Rueful Rabbit Deal from the Roth
It's an occupational hazard which probably arises from the fact pard can't distinguish the occasions when my holdings are merely robust, instead of really robust. My secret is that I have a room out back where I manufacture extra tricks. Ps a long time ago I found out ...
Fastest Life Master
You mean that Neil Armstrong wasn't a lifemaster. I thought he did 24000 mph.
Director Ruling: First ever situation
DB> Still, the discussion about how these situations ought to be handled may prove useful. Which begs the hypothetical. Instead of claiming, the SA is played and RHO says I have a spade while playing SK. Imagine what follows including the ruling. I suspect that this is not very easy.
A Rueful Rabbit Deal from the Roth
Does recovering from bidding a 2 card spade suit qualify? I pickup unfavorable Jx-KQTXXX-Kxx-Qx and while RHO stews for 5 minutes before opening I contemplate overcalling 1H before going to sleep. As 1C hits the table I wake up and grab the 1H card- errrr that's 1S card to ...
American Bridge Association points and ACBL masterpoints
This is interesting. I've noticed ABA players with 6000 points in Texas winning Flt C events.
Unethical Conduct Accusation
I keep on mulling this situation over, noticing different things as I go along. The last thing I noticed was that, it being unlikely that there was a slightest hitch, the subject must have conjured it. And it can be known that verbalizing such a conjuring in the heat of ...
the out of town game
I was defending a doubled contract in a game where the director rarely gave a correct ruling- no good ever came from summoning this TD :( . And I managed to pull the wrong card, say it was the trump king. Declarer insisted that I put it back. And insisted again. And ...
ACBL finally defines "collusive cheating"
My head hurts too much to figure out what it means.
NABC Appeal
I am thinking that if S called 4D, my partner is sitting for 4DX ...or 4HX.

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