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Insufficient Bid over a 2NT Opening Bid
AH> but partner has already rejected the insufficient bid, so it no longer existed I would be careful about this assertion. By law, the 2C doesn't 'disappear' until the substitution takes place. And here, the substitution had not yet taken place. See DS comment. I merely have pointed out ...
Mindless revoke
I am saying that at the point at which you assert that " we stopped playing bridge." then it is no longer necessary to continue the hand because it becomes a hand different from the one started. The ramifications include the need to discover remedies suitable for continuing the hand under ...
Insufficient Bid over a 2NT Opening Bid
1. declaring no acceptance compels correction. L27A1 2. bidding prior to such correction accepts the original IB as legal L27B. The 2D therefore is subject to penalty for OOT since it is IBer's time to correct. 2a. if accepted, 2C is treated as legal and the auction proceeds 2b ...
Demanding revoke correction
In this case there were two revokes, the first established and subject to trick penalty if attention is drawn to it (see following). If attention is drawn to the 2nd revoke before being established, calling the TD shall result (L62A) in its correction (with the penalty for the 1st intact).
Mindless revoke
Aren't you talking about playing a hand twice? to me, since the first occasion is the one that counts (that is the condition to which I refer), the second occasion is a waste of time.
Mindless revoke
MR>"I don't know what illegal play cancelled means?". It means we go back to that point and start playing legally. If it's deemed 'too late' to do that, we evaluate what 'would have happened' - with the benefit of any doubt accruing to the non-offenders. I thought the ...
Mindless revoke
My thinking is that satisfying the rules makes things more dependable. For instance if I am revoker I depend on it being a two tricker and have no qualms about paying it according to the rules. I have memory of such similar occurrence. I was down to two aces where ...
2 parter
Is N really forcing slam (aka 4H)? He should have cue 3S if he had it- so he doesn't have it? 4H should convey that 5D is safe with only Dxxxx. Therefore with the club filler 5C conveys that diamonds are really preferred unless there is excellent club length ...
Opponents remind you of your own failure to alert -- AI or UI?
RF> I am strongly of the belief that it ought not to be authorised. I can go one better than Richard; namely, that during a hand there is no place in bridge for alerts. Not that I will elaborate about it. However, my view is that the best vehicle of ...
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
I've taken special note of your maxim. Initially, my impression was it is a cute way of putting it. But, then I recollected when I did optimization- and it DID matter to me how long it took to find out my plan did not work.

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