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April 9, 2014
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July 25, 2016
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Where are the sponsors?
The idea of a sponsor putting a clause in the agreement could be a huge disincentive to cheat. I don't know if the details should specify "if a title is removed due to you being found in ethical violation" or something less specific... but wouldn't that make a ...
10 weeks
grand-standing again??
10 weeks
It doesn't take brain surgeons to understand and address the concepts being discussed. This nitpicky lawyering in many of the threads is for the birds... wish they would all flock off and fly away.
10 weeks
For example, Hanoi R. posted " She had played in World Championships before (including a Venice Cup)."
10 weeks
Bizzaro? 10+ likes for the inaccurate reporting of "The rules-breakers are showing sportsmanship, those who are following them are not." - - Nowhere did anyone say or imply rule-breakers/benders are showing sportsmanship. What was said and implied by several commenters was that in certain circumstances against certain capable opponents, it would ...
10 weeks
Thanks, Bill, I do agree that lazy and perhaps inattentive (to blockages that will easily be handled but are somewhat distant from 100% assured beyond any shadow of doubt) claims deserve disdain. The fact that many (including myself) routinely do this does not make it right or good or applaudable ...
10 weeks
I will surely concede that the world class declarer, doing what countless others have done for years, lazily just showing their hand and nothing more, may have thought it obvious and was indeed lazy. Any further discussion with someone who may think that there were not obvious tricks in all ...
10 weeks
Apart from the technical legalities of the laws, is there really anyone who doesn't think: When a world class player has 6 obvious tricks in one suit, 5 in another, two in another, and one in another, and entries in both hands? ---that... ...It is unsporting to effectively disallow ...
10 weeks
It seems a stretch to label a claim by a world class player, with something like 6 sure obvious tricks in one suit, 5 in another, 1 in another, and 2 in the other, and side entries in both hands, a "false claim", especially when no inaccurate comments or actions ...
10 weeks
It seems sporting to believe someone that claims in good faith (pun intended) that if left to playing bridge without special circumstances ( misleading explanation affecting line of play, time pressure or courtesy of saving time affecting play or statements) would reach a certain normal outcome. If a normal bridge result ...

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