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Rohit Gupta
Rohit Gupta
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Oct. 19, 2015
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4-4 OR 5-4?
Deleted by Wiki :)
4-4 OR 5-4?
I am wondering seeing your profile photo if we had you 40 years back. ;)
4-4 OR 5-4?
Yes sorry about the typo in the title. 4 4 or 5 3
Rohit Gupta's lead problem: AQ9876432 4 K7 4
There were just 5 more boards to play after this. Like I said, closely fought top flight final. East a solid bidder in the eyes of West :)
Rohit Gupta's lead problem: AQ9876432 4 K7 4
West: K5 A9 AJ7 AKJ542 East: - QJ106542 Q1083 98
Rohit Gupta's lead problem: AQ9876432 4 K7 4
Sure. Let me search.
Forcing Pass or not?
If you're asking about a pass in place of the X, then NO.
Forcing Pass or not?
Easts partner has bid 4, forcing on whom?
What signal do you give?
(a further issue was that partner played in good, but not perfect tempo to the heart). Isn't that what Mr. Hamman meant that he doesn't play these kind of signals because of ethical issues?
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AQ9876432 3 K2 6
Okay there's some new input. 4 was RKC and over 4 East's pass was DOPI,showing 1 or 4.

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