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The cost of a bridge game
$2.2 to $2.94. Unlimited tea/coffee/water. Limited(enough) biscuits. Samosa and Jalebi during the break. Here I am talking about the weekly game held at DBA(Delhi Bridge Association). Also on Saturday teams the cost is $1.47. No Jalebis, the rest are served.
Legal or illegal?
ORF** Surely 6+hcp, and yes 4+.
Legal or illegal?
To be fair: This North has been known to make such awkward passes. But when he does so his partner is always as surprised by it as are the opponents. More often than not this gets them a very low score. Known to pass forcing bids, known to pass cue ...
Legal or illegal?
Couldn't have heard. This was T5, T6 was a good 10feet away.
Legal or illegal?
1 +2. EW could make up to at least 2
Legal or illegal?
Sure. I mentioned in the OP both N and S had their initial bids as per the system.
Would you roll this back?
Maybe someone has mentioned upthread, but with south's hand I'm going to X whatever our systematic understanding says.I have no other bid.
Would you roll this back?
You can play Precision with fewer agreements.
Would you roll this back?
The result should stand. if S remembered 5 to 7 then he has AI that N's hand is around 19 20.
Warning: Viewer Discretion
This was teams yesterday at the Euro's

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