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David Patterson's bidding problem: T2 QJ852 52 AKT8
Agree. If you want to know what people would do, don't tell them what happens to work.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: AT97652 K2 9 JT6
The opening bid is of course a matter of style. Having decided to pass in round 1 and preempt in round 2, I don't understand why I would want to act in round 3 again.
Is that how one should tackle this?
Neutral inquiries like "Please explain" are recommended to avoid the transmission of UI (and save the director a lot of work). If the opponents see fit to produce UI anyway, that is their business. In any case, you don't get to choose which questions the opponents ask. You answer ...
Is that how one should tackle this?
@David: I believe (quite strongly in fact) that, if an answer to an inquiry is as short as in your example and requires more asking on your part, the opponents should be treated as the OS about any issue this may cause. Therefore, I believe you should ask more, that ...
More Legal Eagles (push poll)
This is wrong - "no agreement" is not the same as "no methods". In the absence of agreements, the methods are simply that both members of the partnership have to improvize. There are Logical Alternatives in the sence of Law 16B. You obtain them as usual by polling, if you tell ...
More Legal Eagles (push poll)
The presence of UI, what it suggests and what LAs exist are three separate matters, and you should not mix them up in your poll options.
Roland Voigt's bidding problem: AKQJ9 3 JT75 J76
By the way, 3 can work if LHO takes a position and bids 5 or the like, hoping for a spade shortness in opener's hand. This happened at a few tables as well.
Roland Voigt's bidding problem: AKQJ9 3 JT75 J76
Thank you all for your votes. At the table I bid 3. Lefty doubled, and 3X would have cost -1100. Partner ran to 4 with xx QJ10xxxx xx xx, and we "escaped" with -800. I wasn't happy with 3. Several players told me they felt ...
Bundesliga jewel: Bridge over broken hearts
He assumed I had the Q (perhaps he thought 4NT would always make if I didn't) and wanted to support the plan of creating a false image in declarer's mind.
Bundesliga jewel: Bridge over broken hearts
I'm pretty sure you are right about leading a diamond first. It is easy to see how this can be gain and hard to find a layout where it loses. (At worst, if the K loses to the A, declarer later has to make a guess he would have ...

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