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July 30, 2010
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Best play in 6NT?
I take first in hand, cross to Q and run Q
Tirtharaj Chowdhury's bidding problem: KJ983 JT53 A2 J4
Depends on system. 2H bid for me also.
Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
"The subject is MOTBs and that uses overcall hands as a pre-emptive opening bid." As these 2 things are totally different your comment is meaningless.
Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
Avon is not talking about overcalls. The last transfer incarnation of Moscito had 1D = S and 1S = S as openings. This had nothing to do with pre emption, but rather to allow room for relays. eg 1D - 1H = relay and now 1S = both Majors.
Conduct this auction from the Balancing Seat
That is what I mean, Ian. Your wife and your student would not be surprised to see the strength of this 1 bid, however most other players would find it too strong.
Conduct this auction from the Balancing Seat
This hand might not be a surprise for David or Ian's partner.I think the way to approach this problem is to ask if you bid one heart opposite a good pick up partner, would that partner expect this? I guarantee that 90 percent of good pick ups would ...
Conduct this auction from the Balancing Seat
This hand is FAR too good for 1. To say there is nothing wrong with 1 is really a "way out there" comment.
If 3 agrees , what on earth is North doing bidding 4?
Christopher Donnelly's bidding problem: AKT852 A6 K AT52
What case for 3?
Sir Everton DeCourcy Weekes, KCMG, GCM, OBE
OK Tom. That makes sense.

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