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Ronald Kalf
Ronald Kalf
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April 3, 2016
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about me

I am a retired IT product manager and live near Hamburg, Germany. I Played bridge in the Netherlands seriously 72-78, the last 3 seasons in the 2nd highest team league. BTW the NBB is the second largest bridge association in the world! Systems were KS, Roman Club, Precision, our homegrown LOB (M-openings 8-13 and a 14+ Precision like 1C), Romex, then back to KSU again. Moved to Germany because of a lovely women and stopped playing bridge until retirement at 60. Now playing German standard Forum D and first KSU then homegrown system based upon An Unassuming Club (courtesy of Don Varvel and David Goldfarb) with my regular partner. As you can see from the list, my motto is "Bridge is a bidders game".


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against Belladonna-Sharif
Bridge Accomplishments
1st bridge life: I don't remember, it's too long ago. 2nd bridge life: representing our club in the schleswig-holstein club pair championship 2016 and winning.
Regular Bridge Partners
Georg Kippenberg
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Bridgeclub Elmshorn
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Another ATB from todays match
Richard, Paul, are you pulling my leg? The blame is independent of the outcome. FYI 5-1 is par.
Polish Club: should i bid or should i pass?
As others have written, the problem is not PC specific. This is a borderline decision. With 3415 I tend to bid 1 aggressively and pass 1. Here I cannot pass 1 and would have to choose between two unattractive rebids (1N and 2). I‘d probably ...
Another ATB from todays match
Because unfortunately neither N nor S could see preempters hand before making the decision.
My second ATB
Now let mt tell you s out the happy end. I got a lead to K and A, whereupon I continued with 2 rounds of , both ducked. Then I rattled of my , played a to J and A. Opps managed to crash their honours and ...
Ethics issue or not?
Other, 4, not 3 OR 4.
Should 1nt-2nt show 8-9 hcp or just 8 hcp?
I‘m not like everybody else (The Kinks, 1966).
Should 1nt-2nt show 8-9 hcp or just 8 hcp?
Richards statistics are not based on hands that only he played. They are interesting and show that the axion 12+12 is game (and 13+11 is not) is just another fairy tale. The difference between 12+12 and 16+8 is 0.05 tricks. Hard to believe but even ...
Should 1nt-2nt show 8-9 hcp or just 8 hcp?
Great Kit, I‘m going to write that on the cover page of our system book.
Should 1nt-2nt show 8-9 hcp or just 8 hcp?
I‘m with Kieran, 2N is high risk, low profit. Apart from going -1 in 2N, there are those cases where the majoritay plays 2N-1 and I play 3N-1, simply because opps are satisfied that we don‘t make our game.
Should 1nt-2nt show 8-9 hcp or just 8 hcp?
Can‘t we have 5 invitational bids? 7,5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5:-)

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