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Rosalind Hengeveld
Rosalind Hengeveld
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June 20, 2014
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9 hours ago
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about me

Website Editor, Bridge Magazine IMP, Netherlands. 

My last name ‘Hengeveld’ is pronounced [‘ɦɛŋəvɛlt] or as if ‘heng-a-velt’.


Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
National champion, women pairs, 2012
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Delftse Bridge Club; Het Buitenhof
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Need help defending against Precision 1!D
Against opening bids such as this 1 and 1 as of a doubleton, which we call ‘semi-natural’, we play what may look like naïve but is remarkably effective: we act as if the bid is natural, we play the same as we would if the bid would promise ...
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: AQT5 AK2 K4 K764
4: this should be a minor suit ask. If partner has four clubs I go 6, else I bid 4NT.
MULTI 2D Responses
It is all but standard to play double as negative over 2/ intervention, penalty over higher.
Aggressive or Hyperaggressive?
I do play this convention, but I would not use it on this North hand at these colors. The usual responses: 2 pass-or-correct, 2 asks for major, 2/ to play (not convertible), 2NT relay.
MULTI 2D Responses
My structure (close to what is ‘standard’ where I live): 2/ pass or correct 2NT invite+ relay 3/ six+, game-forcing 3/ preemptive pass or correct 3NT/4/ to play (4 not correctible) 4 asks for transfer to suit: 4 ...
Slam Try with 4!S Over 1NT Opener
For me, 1NT-2-2-4NT is quantitative and not forcing, though it does (tend to) show four spades.
Doug Fjare's bidding problem: A65 K K42 AKQJ95
Other than that, opening 2NT is an almost sure way to miss 6 if that is on.
Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: x AQ97xxx AKx Ax
Which would be likelier: partner having all that and us reaching 6, or an opponent bidding 4?
Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: x AQ97xxx AKx Ax
I would have overcalled 4, then followed up with an ‘Action Double’ over 4.
Gregory Nowak's bidding problem: 7 AKJ94 8 AQT632
4 should mean heart support and a hand unsuitable for slam.

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