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Ross Amann
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June 7, 2011
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Nov. 18
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An interesting message on my answering machine
If Anna called me, I would ask want happened to the lifetime membership they promised me if .i made Life Master? I doubt she would know what I was talking about. But since they redefined membership to include just their Bulletin and no registration of master points, I have paid ...
Rating Study from ACBL Tournaments
Wow...what a lot of interesting work. Allow me to suggest a name for this: the Ping Rating!
Where is that "very easy" 6NT post?
Peter Fredin is a super-nova, maybe a Type II super-nova. Best to be at another table when he explodes. It seems he has a very simple approach to the 6NT hand that makes stripping South to the AS for a throwin with Jxxx in Hs obvious. I am eager to ...
Jumping the Gun (WBF World Electronic Bridge Championship)
The chess world, yes, FIDE, is currently holding an online world championship event, Fischer-random speed chess. They had 9 matches between 8 players last weekend to select two players for a finals in Oslo. With serious prize money and well-known GMs. These matches lasted about four hours apiece and all ...
Warning: this is a hard play problem.
Yes, winning the JH and leading low towards the 9 again is fine and simpler. Thanks to all for the help. I will try to make the next one really hard. And, yes, any lead except a spade defeats 3NT.
Warning: this is a hard play problem.
The winning line was to cash 4 hearts then play AD and a D. East was 1-5-2-5 with a doubleton .D honor (actually KJ). He gets two clubs, one diamond and his fifth heart. In some variations, he is endplayed into leading into Dummy’s honor-five in clubs. Is this ...
What are the EBU rules for 3rd seat light openers?
Be caredul out there. Because no one expects The Spanish Inquisition.
Club Ruling
Why are we assuming 4SX goes -2? Beginners will often break hearts and lose the fifth defensive trick. Or if the defnse plays off theee rounds of diamonds, Declarer could force them to break hearts.
Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?
Assuming as Kit does, that West’s explanation is correct and North, learning this somehow, passes, that East, still thinking “values” passes too...then -2800 or so makes sense. But how does North learn this without East’s rembering it? Are we assuming that North and South are entitled to ...
A new slam bidding convention to eliminate UI allegations
Kit, several of the recent appeals have concerned hesitations after COMPLETELY unexpected bids. E.g., partner showing 0/3 key cards after bidding strongly previously (he had two).

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