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Is this call alertable?
SInce it has been discussed as "offer to play" (even if that is somewhat logical) I believe it should be alerted as (IMO) should all partnership agreements. If XX has a specific meaning on this auction, such as a demand to pass, or t/o of spades, then failing to ...
It Happened One Day
NH, There is no allegation in the OP. It states that dummy illegally communicated information to declarer *during* the hand, that is a fact, not an allegation. If it can be shown that there has been a pattern of similar behavior by the same pair, you can call it whatever ...
It Happened One Day
Nicolas, I (also) disagree with your statement that the video proves/shows nothing. If one is trying to make a case that a player frequently helps his partner by illegal communication or passing UI, a few examples is enough, it is not necessary to prove it is done on every ...
It Happened One Day
James, Since it appears that similar incidents have happened in the past, how many times does it have to occur without objection or condemnation from the partner getting the help before you label it as collusive?
It Happened One Day
Is that the hand where the very fast playing Multon thought for like 10 seconds after 1N-3N and his partner led a 3 card spade suit?
It Happened One Day
Adam, I remember that match well. I was standing close by and was shocked when French was spoken during the hand. Even more surprising was there was at least one director standing at the table and nothing was said or done, not even a reprimand.
It Happened One Day
David, Multon's comment was heard by many people, even some kibitzing at other tables. "No evidence" might be an overbid.
It Happened One Day
DC, As I recall, dummy left the table after putting his hand down. As the hands were played simultaneously, that's one possible exlanation. MR, If you and your partner regularly pass unauthorized information to one another, I would accuse you both of cheating, and since you are willfully cheating ...
It Happened One Day
MR, if it were true that one member of a partnership regularly conveys information to the other, and is not reprimanded and instructed to never do that again, what differentiates that from collusive cheating? To me it would mean that one person regularly gives information, and the other (by implied ...
It Happened One Day
PL, the lead was in fact the 8 of clubs, not a diamond.

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