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Rui Marques
Rui Marques
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July 15, 2014
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about me

EBL Chief TD, WBF Chief TD, ACBL TD.

My views and opinions expressed on BW are purely personal and do not reflect ACBL/EBL/WBF positions on the matters discussed.

Based in the USA, Philadelphia, and in Portugal, Cascais.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Bermuda Bowl 2009, Sao Paulo, Brasil
Regular Bridge Partners
Connie Goldberg
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Raffles for Bridge, Valley Forge Bridge Club, Centro de Bridge de Lisboa
Favorite Tournaments
Madeira International Open
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seeking information on ACBLscor's .MOV (movement) files
My experiments with Jeanie, it doesn't seem to convert files to MOV very well (the tries that I made, the movement was not converted).
Crazy Director Ruling
Quite standard, maybe just a bit incomplete, certainly not "crazy"... Let's assume for simplicity that you are West and East is on lead. H7 is a major penalty card, so Declarer can demand or forbid a heart. If he demands or forbids the heart lead, H7 is picked up ...
TD Corner: Some movements for small clubs (ACBLScore) - 6T 7T 12T
ACBLScore is flexible enough to allow you to define your own movements, that is already nice. And with the communities of TDs that are around, I don't think that it is that much of an issue. I would very much prefer to be able to produce better supporting materials ...
TD Corner: Some movements for small clubs (ACBLScore) - 6T 7T 12T
I understand the relevance of standardizing, but with the shortage of movements in ACBLScore it is hard to imagine using the naming there as a standard. We need to call a name to the movements that are not there... And, reading Ian McKinnon's book you can notice that there ...
TD Corner: Some movements for small clubs (ACBLScore) - 6T 7T 12T
I'm aware of it, and if done correctly it will be a major breakthrough. Other scoring programs are light years of ACBLScore, when you consider only the "run and score a tournament". Interfacing with the ACBL for reporting is the crux. Imagine Swiss Pairs coming to town... Imagine 12C ...
Antonio Palma's lead problem: J2 743 Q875 A943
Do you change your lead if 1S is explained as "Walsh"?
Is a weighted ruling ever appropriate in a claim situation?
Also for completeness there is a Laws Committee minute about that. See for example
Pass out of Turn
They’re both comparable bids
Rui Marques's bidding problem: J6 KJ4 KJ43 KJ42
I found it a bit odd (the mechanics of the case) because if the opener bids something the BIT before 5H doesn't seem to show anything but if there is a pass if sure looks like UI is used, especially if it's a regular partnership
Rui Marques's bidding problem: J6 KJ4 KJ43 KJ42
And so it is... 5H passed... Case from a fellow TD. 5H bidder argued that 5D had no meaning in the system (!) but 5H was to play (!!!)

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