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Russell Samuel
Russell Samuel
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July 5, 2014
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Playing bridge for 50+ years.  Avid golfer - play to about a 10 handicap depending on tees

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Favorite Bridge Memory
The first time I played a successful squeeze and knew what I was doing
Bridge Accomplishments
Multiple top tens in national events 3 national wins in Japan, overall in world mixed pairs - won World Bridge Pairs which ran opposite the Cavendish
Regular Bridge Partners
Shawn Samuel, Kyoko Shimamura, Jeffery Rothstein, Ljudmila Kamenova, McCauley from BBO, Erikwied from BBO
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Emerald Life Master
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Looking for consensus
thank you - but with over 50 responses in under 2 hours I pretty much did get what I wanted, and I certainly agree that 4M over 1m should be a preemptive bid. yes we seem to be on the same page. TY
Looking for consensus
I wanted more comment on what you would expect for 1m 4m - did not get it - personally I would expect something like AQJxxxx xxx xx x. or KQJxxxx xxx x xx. something I might make 4S but more preemptive in nature.
Looking for consensus
Ok - while I have seen other treatments - the question is what would you expect partner to hold for the bid of 4 Major over 1minor - yes natural - but what type of hand
Russell Samuel's bidding problem: AKx AJ8xxx QT xx
Systemically one could sign off in 3H with a G/B 2NT bid, but 3H while not 100% forcing is a good hand - so partner would have to totally misfit and be weak to pass.
Russell Samuel's bidding problem: AKx AJ8xxx QT xx
Yes - clearly - 3NT still in the picture with a 3H bid
Russell Samuel's bidding problem: AKx AJ8xxx QT xx
disciplined partners do not pass forcing bids
Russell Samuel's lead problem: xx ATxx Q98xxx x
strongly disagree - the times you will want to compete to 3C are far fewer than using it as a lead director. does show 5+ and pard can still compete to 3C when right.
Russell Samuel's lead problem: xx ATxx Q98xxx x
perhaps the only reason I don't lead partners suit would be a solid sequence of my own to lead with an entry - otherwise I don't see any particular reason not to lead what should be best for our side since partner is not known to make frivolous lead ...
Senior Swiss
what I meant is have u multiple top tens in national events - do you have over 500 platinum points. something so people can judge if you are at a level they might want to partner with.
Partner for Senior Swiss in Vegas
Partner and I need a team - Harold Feldheim our orignial team had to cancel - might be interested in team. BTW Feldheims partner Bob Lavin is partnerless for this event.
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